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Black And White Bridal Bouquets With Feathers Ideas

White Bridal BouquetsNothing looks more posh and polished than black and white bridal bouquets with feathers for a chic and classy modern bridal ceremony! Read on to learn about some unique flower and feather combinations that will help you create a sleek and unique bouquets that will complement just about any white wedding or white bridesmaid dresses!

Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses – With Pockets or With Sleeves?

Navy Blue Bridesmaid DressesNavy blue bridesmaid dresses are the new and chic alternative to classic black gowns. Among their many design elements and embellishments, a popular choice among brides to be featured on these blue bridesmaid dresses is pockets and sleeves. Read on to learn which design element may be best for your wedding venue, season, and bridesmaids’ body types.

10 Fall Wedding Reception Ideas For Decorating Without Fresh Flowers

Fall Wedding Reception IdeasOk, so you are about to be married in the Fall and your head is reeling with million myriad ideas for your wedding and especially your Fall wedding reception ideas. You might have scoured every wedding magazine and visited every wedding website for that perfect theme. But your search has come to a dud. Now Fall being a difficult season for flowers, you are at your wit’s end as to how to go about your Fall wedding table decorations. But did you know that you can have an autumn themed wedding without having to use fresh flowers?

Table Flower Arrangements – Which Size To Choose?

Table Flower ArrangementsTable flower arrangements at a wedding add an incredible splash of color to each table and help bring all the wedding colors and themes together for a unique effect. Based on the plethora of wedding table decoration ideas, it’s never easy to pick what type or size of table flower arrangements to choose.

Before you decide which size of table flower arrangements to pick, let’s take a look at the basic types of flowers that are usually included in wedding floral décor. Wedding florists recognize three main categories of table flowers, namely, focal, line and filler flowers. Focal flowers are usually really large and bright flowers that add drama and set mood for a specific table arrangement, these flowers are usually more expensive so they are used sparingly. Line flowers dictate the height and width of your floral table décor, while the filler flowers help add bulk to floral arrangements.

Blue Flowers For Weddings Review

Blue Flowers For WeddingsBlue flowers for weddings add a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to any wedding celebration. Blue flowers for weddings come in a plethora of shades like baby blue, aquamarine, navy blue and dark indigo. White bridal bouquets look especially stunning if they are offset by accent blue flowers making a royal worthy statement.

Depending on the style or the theme of your main wedding décor, blue flowers for weddings can take the center stage or simply complement other wedding flowers. Blue flowers look especially breathtaking when paired with cream or peach colored roses. When combined with white or pink flowers, blue flowers for wedding create an aura of romance and elegance.

Autumn Wedding Flowers – Which Flowers To Choose?

Autumn Wedding FlowersAutumn is a time of change that brings incredible bountiful gifts of nature. Planning a wedding in the fall is a great time to include autumn wedding flowers in bridal bouquets and table centerpieces. The color of the flowers is as important as the type of autumn wedding flowers you pick. Think deep orange, rusty red and bold yellows for your wedding table centerpieces and even bridesmaid bouquets.

Chrysanthemum flowers come in dozens various colors and shades and give your wedding reception an instant fall makeover. Mums are also inexpensive, last a long time and will stay fresh throughout your whole wedding day. Along with Mums, blue flowers for weddings like hydrangeas could be paired up nicely with other autumn flowers like roses or even sunflowers. Dahlias are other fantastic autumn wedding flowers that add vibrancy and interest to your wedding floral arrangements, these flowers look great as part of fall bridal bouquets.