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Black Tie Optional Wedding Attire For Men Guide

Black Tie Optional WeddingA black tie optional wedding means that there is going to be a serious mixture of formal tuxedos and semi-casual attire worn by male guests. What should you wear to this kind of wedding and how can you be sure you aren’t too underdressed? Read on to learn about a few rules to follow when it comes to the best mens suits for a black tie optional affair.

Boys Charcoal Grey Suit – Shirt And Tie Combinations For Wedding

Charcoal Grey SuitIf your son is participating in a wedding for a close friend or family member, be sure he looks his best! If he is wearing a charcoal grey suit, there are a number of boys shirt and tie combinations that will look attractive, ceremonial, and pulled together for a semi-formal or black tie optional wedding.

7 Interesting Facts About Wedding Tuxedo Rentals

Wedding Tuxedo RentalsDepending on whether the groom is someone that needs to dress formally on a regular basis or will probably never wear a tuxedo again, they will need to decide if they need buy a tuxedo or rent one. Most gentlemen opt to rent a tuxedo. When they do this, the consultants at the rental store will probably go through with the groom and groomsmen step by step to be sure that they have the appropriate wedding tuxedo rentals for the big day. Listed below are seven interesting facts about wedding tuxedo rentals:

1. The tuxedo originated about forty miles Northwest of New York City in a place called Tuxedo Park.