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Pale Peach Bridesmaid Dresses vs Coral Peach – Which To Choose?

Peach Bridesmaid DressesDid you know that there is actually a science when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses by color? You need to take your girls’ skin tones into consideration, the time of year your special day will be taking place, the location and venue of the big event, and the time of day it will be held.

Bridesmaid Dresses By Color – 10 Best Colors For 2012!

Bridesmaid Dresses By Color After the royal wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Kate, many thought dresses resembling Pippa Middleton’s cream colored bridesmaid gown would be the ones to fly off the racks. Surprisingly, many designers are showing bridesmaid dresses by color, and they are colors that range anywhere from bold, to muted, to neutral. Read on to decide which 2012 colors are the best wedding colors for you:

1. Cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses are a slight step down from an electrifying neon shade, which may not be for you and is considered to be short lived, but is very hot for 2012 summer weddings.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses With Flowers – 5 Accent Colors To Avoid!

Blue bridesmaid dresses can be bold, elegant, and chic; and depending on their tone, can be worn during any season for a wedding. When pairing flowers with bridesmaid dresses by color, there are some floral accent colors to avoid. View the color wheel to help you choose colors that will complement your blue bridesmaid dresses. The basic rule of selecting complementary colors, according to the color wheel, is that the colors of choice should be directly opposite of each other on the wheel. Colors like red and green (despite being associated with Christmas) or blue and yellow (and their variations) would be examples of complementary colors.

Are Green Bridesmaid Dresses Bad Luck?

The color green has been known to symbolize nature. Considered to be the color of peace and ecology, green offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony. What a wonderful reason to choose green bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, right? Not according to some superstitions and tales!

A woman who was set to marry in a green wedding dress was said to be unlucky in general and the bride was known to have loose morals because her dress would be grass-stained due to rolling around in the fields, according to a United Kingdom website.