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Modern Vintage Calla Lily Wedding Cake Designs Ideas

Calla Lily Wedding CakeA calla lily wedding cake is a must serve dessert if you are in need of a cake with a modern vintage design twist. Some believe that a cake is just as important as a gown, band, or the reception venue itself! Here is how you can include calla lily designs on every kind of cake to complement the modern vintage theme of your upcoming big day.

Purple Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets – Which Flowers To Add?

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets Calla lily wedding bouquets are perfect to carry for spring and summer weddings. If you want to add other flowers into these fresh but sophisticated bouquets, which flowers will complement these lilies? Read on to learn about a few suggestions when it comes to making wedding bouquets with purple calla lilies.

Average Cost Of A Wedding Cake

Average Cost Of A Wedding CakeThe average cost of a wedding cake is $541, according to the Bridal Association of America. However, this is a very difficult figure to estimate, as there are so many different kinds of wedding cakes. Wedding cake pricing takes many factors into consideration including icing, cake type, cake size, cake filling, layers, design and d├ęcor. Extravagant wedding cakes drive the average cost of a wedding cake up as they are usually beautiful works of art. The longer a cake designer must spend on the cake, the more expensive it will be. This is in addition to the cost of the materials to make the cake.