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Top 10 Unusual Non Traditional Wedding Dresses Style Ideas

Non Traditional Wedding DressesIf you have an outgoing personality and despise tradition, especially when it comes to bridal style and d├ęcor, consider these top 10 unusual non traditional wedding dresses style ideas for your upcoming big day.

1. Camo wedding dresses may sound unusual but are well loved and well-worn by brides who love to hunt or, on a serious note, support the troops!

Military Wedding Shocker: Camo Wedding Dresses With Pink Accessories!

Camo Wedding DressesBe all that you can be while wearing a camouflage wedding dress! Camo wedding dresses provide an interesting take on the classic and traditional long, white haute couture wedding dresses. If you are true Army girl, then read on to learn how to incorporate these unique wedding dresses with pops of pink accessories to look tough, girly, and glamorous.

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