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Unique Fun Bridesmaid Dresses – Tricks To Funky Up Plain Dresses!

Fun Bridesmaid DressesIf you have a fun and playful personality, your special day and wedding party look should match your lifestyle! Consider choosing unique fun bridesmaid dresses for your favorite girls to wear that will not only speak volumes about your personality but your sense of style as well. Read on to learn about some tricks to funky up plain and modest bridesmaid dresses for your upcoming one-of-a-kind event!

Custom Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes – Where To Buy Online?

Swarovski Crystal Wedding ShoesYou can spark from head to toe on your wedding day by wearing Swarovski crystal wedding shoes. These elegant sparklers can be purchased in stores or online, but are most popularly ordered as a custom option. These shiny but funky wedding shoes look amazing with many styles of dresses but especially princess wedding dresses because they mimic a classic Cinderella fairy tale look – glass slippers, bridal crowns and all.

10 Funky Wedding Shoes Ideas For A One-Of-A-Kind Wedding!

Funky Wedding ShoesIf you have a playful personality, you need to show it off on your wedding day by wearing a wedding dress that is one of a kind and funky wedding shoes that speak to you and your guests. Read on to learn about how you can purchase or design a pair of funky wedding shoes for your upcoming wedding!

10 Tricks To Spice Up Plain Ivory Satin Wedding Shoes

ivory satin wedding shoesIvory satin wedding shoes look traditional and elegant. While they will look great at any kind of wedding, they tend to be on the plain side. How can you spice them up?

Vera Wang Wedding Shoes Review

Vera Wang Wedding ShoesA gorgeous wedding gown is just not complete without the right wedding shoes. Ladies, we all know that if we wear them at our wedding, Vera Wang wedding shoes will be our favorite accessory of the day! Anything marked with Vera Wang impeccable style is an excellent choice for your wedding day, but a pair of Vera Wang wedding shoes will show your guests how trendy you are and can be very comfortable during what can be a very long day.

The Valentina – a platform sling-back shoe, is a hot item this year amongst Vera Wang wedding shoes.