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Groomsmen Attire For Outdoor Wedding

Groomsmen AttireIf you are having an outdoor wedding, you have many options for your groomsmen attire. Outdoors can be just as formal as a huge cathedral wedding, or it can be a casual affair. In any event, mens wedding attire can be catered to the color theme or outdoor look of your wedding. Once you know what your bridesmaids are wearing, choosing the groomsmen attire will be very simple!

If you have always dreamed of a very formal wedding, you can choose the traditional tuxedo for your wedding outdoors. But if you are getting married outside, there are several options for groomsmen attire that will look just as great as a black and white tux.

Tuxedo Shirt Styles Review

Tuxedo Shirt StylesIf brides think they have the most work to do getting ready for a wedding, they might be right. But there is a lot more than one would think to choosing wedding tuxedos for groom and groomsmen. For example, there are several different tuxedo shirt styles before you even get to your tux style, vest, ascot, bowtie, cummerbund and more! Whether the groom is in a formal black and white tuxedo, a three piece suit, linen pants and a tuxedo shirt or the now popular gray tuxedos for weddings look, there are many tuxedo shirt styles to accompany each variety of groomsmen attire.

There are three categories of tuxedo shirt styles and each one is classified by their collars.

Gray Tuxedos For Weddings 2011 Trends

Gray Tuxedos For WeddingsAre gray tuxedos for weddings the new black tuxedos? When it comes to mens tuxedos weddings are usually the first thing we think of. We always envision the groom and groomsmen dressed all in black, matching cummerbunds to bridesmaids walking down the aisle. However, grooms suits, and gray tuxedos for weddings are a definite trend in 2011.

Mens wedding attire was pretty stagnant for many years, as black formal tuxes were the accepted attire for grooms and groomsmen. Women’s bridal fashions continued to grow, however men remained in their “penguin suits”.