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Cheap Custom Wedding Cakes in Jacksonville Fl – 5 Best Bakeries

Wedding Cakes Jacksonville FlIf you are in need of cheap custom wedding cakes in Jacksonville Fl, be sure to shop one of the five best bakeries in the area that will get you what you need for your wedding day. From cupcakes, to theme cakes, and even individual wedding cakes, read on to learn which bakery can make the most affordable and fabulous cake for you to enjoy on your big day.

Modern Wedding Cakes Review

Modern Wedding CakesModern wedding cakes vary from the extremely elaborate to cupcakes! From unique wedding cake toppers to elaborate décor, modern wedding cakes can be a sheet cake or have 8 tiers. If your wedding is simple or extremely extravagant, today’s wedding cakes can be ordered to match any wedding style. Gone are the days of three tiered, white cakes! Today’s wedding cakes are selected to match wedding colors, or wedding gowns, and they come in a variety of shapes and flavors.

One modern design element that has become very popular is the use of objects to decorate wedding cakes.