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Ivory Veil With Beading or Scalloped Edge For a Vintage Look?

 Ivory VeilIf you choose to have your special day as vintage themed, you are certainly in the majority of fashion- savvy brides. Vintage inspired events are very trendy nowadays allowing you to put together creative and chic looks. One must have item of a vintage inspired bride is an ivory veil.

Vintage Veil Hat Vs Headband – Which One To Choose?

Vintage VeilChoosing between a vintage veil and a vintage headband is a difficult decision. Vintage accessories are not only fun to wear, but they look absolutely chic and classy. When choosing to have a vintage wedding party look, there are a number of designer wedding veils that come in the form of hats and headbands. Read on to help you decide which vintage veil will look best on your wedding day.

Headbands were popular with vintage brides back in the day.