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Ivory Veil With Beading or Scalloped Edge For a Vintage Look?

 Ivory VeilIf you choose to have your special day as vintage themed, you are certainly in the majority of fashion- savvy brides. Vintage inspired events are very trendy nowadays allowing you to put together creative and chic looks. One must have item of a vintage inspired bride is an ivory veil.

Tips To Choosing A Wedding Dress For Cathedral Veil With Blusher!

Cathedral Veil A cathedral veil with a blusher creates the ultimate wedding day look. When a bride walks down the aisle in a church wearing a cathedral length veil with her face modestly covered, a statement can’t help but be made. The bride consciously chooses to embrace a classy and traditional dream bride image from head to toe. Read on to learn some tips to help you choose a wedding gown that complements a cathedral veil and blusher.

Mantilla Veil With Lace Dress – Bring Some Spanish Into Your Wedding!

Mantilla VeilA mantilla veil is the ultimate accessory to add some saucy Spanish style into your wedding day look. When worn with lace Spanish style wedding dresses, you will achieve a new level of sexy and style. Read on to learn how to bring some Spanish into your own wedding by including this Spanish veil.

A mantilla wedding veil is most popularly featured in lace. However, modern versions of the veil feature a sheer scalloped edge with lace embellishment. This lace wedding veil is worn over the bride’s head and shoulders, falling forward to create an alluring but modest appearance.

Top 10 Vintage Wedding Veil Styles Ideas

Veil StylesAfter you purchase your wedding gown, it is time to consider veil styles. Vintage wedding veils are trendy with today’s brides. Their length, embellishment, and overall aesthetic appeal create a vintage chic look on modern brides. Read on to learn about the top 10 vintage wedding veil style ideas to try for your own big day:

1. A drop veil is very sheer and covers the entire head and face. They can be worn in a variety of lengths to complement your wedding gown’s length and style.