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Navy Blue Wedding Shoes – Mix And Match Accent Color Ideas!

navy blue wedding shoesNavy blue wedding shoes are playful, elegant, and trendy for brides and bridesmaids to wear with their wedding day gowns. Don’t just have bridesmaids wear them with their solid blue dresses! There are many ways to mix and match bridesmaid dresses with neutral navy blue wedding shoes and other navy accents.

Black And Red Bridesmaid Dresses – Mix And Match For Your Body Type!

Black And Red Bridesmaid DressesBlack and red bridesmaid dresses flatter a variety of body types. The three main body types that apply to your bridesmaids are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. According to Muscle and Strength, traits of an ectomorph include a delicate bone structure with a flat chest and lean muscle. Mesomorph traits include an athletic physique and a rectangular body shape from head to toe. Endomorph traits include a soft and round body. Each body type is different and has special needs when it comes to choosing a color, cut, and style of bridesmaid dress.

Two Tone Bridesmaid Dresses – 10 Mistakes To Avoid!

Two Tone Bridesmaid DressesTwo tone bridesmaid dresses are one of the season’s hottest trends. When paired properly they have a high wow factor and look phenomenal in wedding photographs. They also provide color loving brides with the opportunity to incorporate more than one shade or tone into their wedding day décor. Before shopping with your bridesmaids, be sure to read the 10 mistakes to avoid when purchasing two toned bridesmaid dresses:

1. Black and white bridesmaid dresses look posh and polished.

10 Hot New Bridesmaid Dress Ideas You Must Check Out

Bridesmaid Dress IdeasIf you began searching for your dream wedding gown and browsing the web for bridesmaid dress ideas as soon as you got engaged, you are not alone. Many brides to be want their big day to be amazing-from the food, to the music, to the wedding party attire. Read on to learn about the 10 hot new bridesmaid dress ideas you must check out if you have started to plan your dream day:

1. Retro bridesmaid dresses are back in a big way. Bright and bold colors, funky textures and cuts, and quirky embellishments like belts and bows are anything but traditional and are very hot at the moment.

Mix And Match Bridesmaid Dresses – Do’s And Don’ts!

Mix And Match Bridesmaid DressesDoes the idea of your bridesmaids wearing cookie cutter dresses sound too boring to you? Would you like to consider mix and match bridesmaid dresses that your lovely girlfriends can actually wear after the wedding without looking like twins? While the idea of mix and match bridesmaid dresses might sound like fun and out of the box, let’s take a look at major Do’s and Don’ts of mixing it up so you don’t end up with a mismatch wedding fashion disaster.

Do go for mix and match bridesmaid dresses, however pick a common theme that will tie all the dresses together like a color, pattern, fabric, dress style or accessories.

Top 10 Hairdos For Weddings

Hairdos For WeddingsProperly chosen hairdos for weddings are designed to complement brides’ best facial features as well as blend beautifully with the style of their overall wedding look. You are generally advised to start planning for your wedding hairdo months before the wedding. When you come in for your pre-wedding hair appointment, make sure to bring in all your headpieces for wedding you are planning on wearing so your hairstylist can help you pick the best hairdos for wedding to work with your hair accessories.

Below we carefully selected top 10 hairdos for weddings you can choose from. When deciding which hairdos for weddings to pick, keep in mind that there are only three main categories of hairdo styles, namely, updo hair, down hairstyles and partial updo’s. In addition, depending which wedding headpieces you decide to wear will limit your hairstyle selection.

Colored Wedding Shoes – Make Them Work For Your Dress

Colored Wedding ShoesWedding cookie cutter fashions with white wedding shoes and matching bridesmaid dresses are so yesterday! Young brides to be are breaking out of traditional wedding fashion standards and making a bright statement with bold colored wedding shoes.

Colored wedding shoes could make a serious wedding fashion statement with an unexpected pop of color. Depending on how you want to play up your colored wedding shoes, pick a color that will send a message across. For example, you can pick red colored wedding shoes to tie with your wedding’s overall theme color or to match crimson roses included in your bride’s bouquet.