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Top 10 Unusual Non Traditional Wedding Dresses Style Ideas

Non Traditional Wedding DressesIf you have an outgoing personality and despise tradition, especially when it comes to bridal style and d├ęcor, consider these top 10 unusual non traditional wedding dresses style ideas for your upcoming big day.

1. Camo wedding dresses may sound unusual but are well loved and well-worn by brides who love to hunt or, on a serious note, support the troops!

10 Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses Ideas To Avoid!

Modern Mother Of The Bride DressesIf your daughter is getting married, you have probably begun to shop for modern mother of the bride dresses. While you may want to look in style and demonstrate that you know all about the latest trends at your grown up little girl’s big day, there are 10 ideas for dresses hat you must avoid. Read on to learn about some modern mother of the bride dresses mistakes.

Long Veil or Short Veil With Short Dress?

 Long VeilIf you have chosen to wear a short bridal dress, you certainly have many reasons for that. Maybe this is because you love showing off your legs, are getting married on the beach, love vintage style, or just want to make a non-traditional statement on your most memorable day. Which length veil should you choose-a long veil or a short veil?

Short Two Piece Wedding Dresses Ideas For a Beach Wedding

Two Piece Wedding DressesIf you are tying the knot on the beach, the last thing you want to worry about is a long wedding gown dragging in the sand. Two piece wedding dresses are a much more practical alternative for beach weddings and can complement your personal style.

List of Best Italian Wedding Dress Designers – Haute Couture Edition!

Italian Wedding Dress DesignersNothing goes together better than wedding dresses and Italian designers. If you must have an amazing, unforgettable dress to wear on the day you confess your love and commitment to your partner, be sure to scan through numerous Italian wedding dress designers before you settle for just any gown. Nothing looks more fine, elegant, classy, and unique than dresses made by Italian wedding dress designers and dress makers.