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10 Unique Teal Wedding Shoes Ideas For Peacock Style Wedding

Teal Wedding ShoesThe colors of a peacock are majestic, beautiful, and striking. Why not incorporate them into the unique design and color scheme of your wedding day? One must-have for a peacock style wedding is teal wedding shoes. Read on to learn about 10 unique colored wedding shoes ideas to make your peacock wedding theme work wonderfully:

10 Peacock Wedding Favors Ideas For A Posh Wedding

Peacock Wedding FavorsWhen you are planning, organizing and hosting a peacock themed wedding it would be but natural for you to choose peacock wedding favors. With their feathery elegant insignia, they will complement your wedding theme with their blue/green color tones. Here are our 10 peacock wedding favors ideas for your posh, royal and elegant looking wedding, that can be purchased online:

Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas With Candles

Fall Wedding Centerpiece IdeasCandles are one of the must-have Fall wedding centerpiece ideas that bind every to-be-married couple. Ever an invariably an integral part of a wedding, they accentuate the ambience. Nothing can be compared to the gentle flicker and the soft glow of a candle that inspires a sense of romance and solemnity. Symbolizing hope and the everlasting nature of the bond of a newlywed, they add ambiance, elegance and luster to the wedding celebrations. Here are a few ways that you can feature candles in your Fall wedding decorations:

Peacock Wedding Decorations Ideas – Tips For A Chic, Not Cocky Look!

Peacock Wedding Decorations IdeasAre you considering incorporating peacock wedding decorations into your wedding theme? And why not! Peacock feathers, the most exquisite and exotic feathers of all, display the most beautiful combination of colors -teals, blues, greens, purples and violets. The rich iridescent hue of the feathers, though extravagant-looking, adds a touch of exotic glamour to the wedding décor.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas 2011

Wedding Centerpiece IdeasModern wedding centerpieces are taking on a very unique look. Instead of the traditional wedding flowers, or candles inside candleholders, placed in the middle of each table, wedding centerpiece ideas are showing a lot more creativity in 2011. Lanterns, birdcages, bonsai trees, antique pieces, suspended centerpieces, cupcake centerpieces, upside down wine glasses (used as candle holders) – many of these centerpieces are economical and elegant and with just a few touches, can be tailored to your wedding colors.

If you need some wedding centerpiece ideas, consider having a different centerpiece on each table.