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10 Peacock Wedding Favors Ideas For A Posh Wedding

Peacock Wedding FavorsWhen you are planning, organizing and hosting a peacock themed wedding it would be but natural for you to choose peacock wedding favors. With their feathery elegant insignia, they will complement your wedding theme with their blue/green color tones. Here are our 10 peacock wedding favors ideas for your posh, royal and elegant looking wedding, that can be purchased online:

Cute Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas For A Fall Wedding

 Cheap Wedding Favors IdeasWhen looking for Fall inspired cheap wedding favors ideas, many to-be-married couples go bonkers. And why wouldn’t they? That near blinding burst and riots of colors in brilliant orange, yellows and gold! Those shockingly stunning deeper hues of flora and fauna! That whiff of cinnamon, candied apples, apple and cinnamon ciders, spice cake with caramelized pears and maple frosting! These sure do drive ‘em crazy. Want to know more? Read on for more cute cheap wedding favors ideas!

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas To Make At Home

Unique Wedding Favor IdeasDepending on the number of people you invited to your wedding, wedding favors can become a strain on your budget. If you are looking for some unique wedding favor ideas, but do not want to spend a fortune on your favors, consider making them at home for a unique and affordable touch. You and your spouse-to-be or even your whole bridal party can pitch in for a night of fun with wedding favors for all as a result!

If you are contemplating unique wedding favor ideas, think about creating CD wedding favors.