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Pink Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dresses – 10 Fashion Sins To Avoid!

Polka Dot Bridesmaid DressesPlayful polka dots are popping up everywhere lately! On the runway, in your favorite fashion magazines, on shelves at your must shop stores, and now on bridesmaid dresses! Love pink? Pink polka dot bridesmaid dresses will get you that wow factor at your wedding that you are looking for, but some simple guidelines need to be followed before asking your bridesmaids to wear them.

Short Bridesmaid Dresses With Boots – For Which Wedding Themes?

Short Bridesmaid DressesYou have spirit, personality, and a humorous wit. You adore short bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns that are anything but traditional. You also can’t get the image of you walking down an aisle out of your head and you think formal receptions are stuffy and pretentious. If this sounds like you, read on to learn how you can dress your bridesmaids in short bridesmaid dresses and boots for a casual and fun filled theme for you wedding day.

Choose Grey Bridesmaid Dresses With Yellow Flowers Over Pink Flowers!

Grey Bridesmaid DressesGrey bridesmaid dresses are the new black. They are neutral, more versatile because they are available in a variety of tones and can really make bright and colorful bouquet of yellow flowers pop. Many brides to be are jumping on the trend of choosing grey bridesmaid dresses for their girls to wear, but are pairing the anytime tone with the wrong colors of flowers. Many brides think that their charcoal bridesmaid dresses look great with pastel shades or pink. While they will work, a bold and bright yellow will add an unexpected style element to the wedding day look.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses – Short or Long For A Vintage Wedding?

Go for a vintage wedding look that leaves your bridal party looking pretty in pink. After choosing from a large array of tones, colors, and hues of pink, your next big decision is picking short or long pink bridesmaid dresses for a vintage wedding look.

One of the first things you need to consider is the time of year your big day is being held. Light pink bridesmaid dresses are ideal for spring and summer months, with a hemline cut like tea length or knee length to keep cool in warmer weather.