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Empire Waist Wedding Dresses With Cap or Long Sleeves Trends

 empire waist wedding dressesEmpire waist wedding dresses are flowing, flattering, and fabulous. They are popularly featured with and without sleeves. If you dislike the shape of your arms or are getting married during a cooler season, read on to decide if cap or long sleeves will look best on empire waist wedding dresses

10 Secrets To Finding The Right Wedding Dress For Rectangle Body Type

Wedding Dress For Body Type A woman’s body comes in all shapes and sizes. A wedding dress for body type should highlight the unique features on your body that make you, you! Rectangular body types have measurements that are all similar in the shoulders, hips, and waist, so they lack curves. If you are considered a rectangular shape, listen to these 10 secrets to finding wedding dresses for your body type:

1. Empire waist wedding dresses are the ultimate body complementing dresses for rectangular forms.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses With Color – Pros and Cons!

Plus Size Wedding DressesThe days of the traditional white wedding dresses for every wedding are in the past. While some brides still stick with the traditional white or ivory wedding gown, many are choosing the non-traditional route by picking dresses in different colors or colored accents. This is also true for full figured brides looking for plus size wedding dresses. Below are some pros and cons of plus size wedding dresses with color.

Pros of plus size wedding dresses with color:
Choosing plus size wedding dresses in shades of gold or even pearl pink may accentuate a beautiful skin tone.

Short Informal Wedding Dresses – 5 Mistakes To Avoid!

Informal Wedding DressesWhen choosing a wedding dress, traditionally most brides choose a floor length affair, usually with a train. This is not as common these days. Many brides are choosing to go with more informal wedding dresses especially if they are planning one of the island destination weddings that are becoming very popular recently. Just as with any dress, if the bride wants a shorter dress she will need to try on several in order to find the perfect dress. There are things to consider when choosing informal wedding dresses. Listed below are five mistakes that you will want to avoid.

1. Do not get a tattoo on your legs or ankles, especially if it’s getting close to the wedding. If you already have a tattoo, ask a makeup artist how to camouflage it in order to look more feminine on your wedding day.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses – A Must-See Collection!

Vera Wang Wedding DressesWhen the bride begins searching for the perfect couture wedding dress, the first name that comes to mind is likely Vera Wang. Vera Wang’s name has become synonymous with high-end but affordable designer wedding dresses. Whether you are looking for first or second marriage wedding dresses, small or plus size wedding dresses, you will not want to miss seeing the gorgeous collections of Vera Wang wedding dresses!