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Navy vs Royal Blue Flower Girl Dresses – Hot Color Trends

Royal Blue Flower Girl DressesNothing is more popular than blue dresses for weddings. When it comes to selecting a dress for your flower girl, should you select navy or royal blue flower girl dresses considering that both are fashionably hot? Read on to learn which trendy tones will suit your style needs and complement your ceremony and reception d├ęcor.

Pink Princess Flower Girl Dresses – 10 Ways To Make Pink Look Unique!

Princess Flower Girl DressesPink princess flower girl dresses are cute and age appropriate for the little lady dropping soft rose petals down your wedding day aisle. While precious and pretty, pink flower girl dresses are the standard outfit worn by little girls. Turn these simple flower girl dresses into something interesting and unique. Read on to learn 10 ways to make pink princess flower girl dresses one of a kind:

1. Opt for pink flower girl dresses that feature small pink or white polka dots. Youthful and fun, polka dots liven up a plan pink dress.

Ivory Flower Girl Dresses – With Sash, Flowers or Lace?

Ivory flower girl dresses are meant to mimic the bride on her big day. These miniature looking brides have many options when dressing up their ensemble. They can choose between sashes, flowers, lace embellishments, and even sparkly accessories. Choosing one for these champagne flower girl dresses keeps the dress classy, simple, and sweet for a little lady, so how do you choose just one?

Choosing an embellishment means considering the cut, style, and silhouette of the ivory flower girl dress you have selected.