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10 Unique Purple And Teal Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Teal Bridesmaid DressesPurple and teal bridesmaid dresses make an unexpected but refreshing color duo. If you want to incorporate these fun colors in your fun bridesmaid dresses together or as separate tones for your upcoming marriage celebration, consider these 10 unique ideas that will help you wear and pair them in a number of ways!

1. Select deep purple bridesmaid dresses that boast a teal floral sash.

10 Unique Teal Wedding Shoes Ideas For Peacock Style Wedding

Teal Wedding ShoesThe colors of a peacock are majestic, beautiful, and striking. Why not incorporate them into the unique design and color scheme of your wedding day? One must-have for a peacock style wedding is teal wedding shoes. Read on to learn about 10 unique colored wedding shoes ideas to make your peacock wedding theme work wonderfully:

10 Breathtaking Winter Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas You Must Consider

Winter Bridesmaid DressesBecause winter is so cold, you can breathe and easily see your breath. But once you consider these 10 ideas for winter bridesmaid dresses, your breath will surely be taken away.

1. Teal bridesmaid dresses may seem like a summer tone, but when paired with the right accents, can have a winter feel. Worn on a textured or lace dress and paired with black or silver statement pieces, you have a winning winter wedding look.