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Pink Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dresses – 10 Fashion Sins To Avoid!

Polka Dot Bridesmaid DressesPlayful polka dots are popping up everywhere lately! On the runway, in your favorite fashion magazines, on shelves at your must shop stores, and now on bridesmaid dresses! Love pink? Pink polka dot bridesmaid dresses will get you that wow factor at your wedding that you are looking for, but some simple guidelines need to be followed before asking your bridesmaids to wear them.

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses – Avoid The Grandma Look!

Floral Bridesmaid DressesFloral bridesmaid dresses look classy, sophisticated, and pretty for spring, summer, and tropical destination weddings. One thing to watch out for is that the floral print bridesmaid dresses do not create a grandma look on your girls. Follow these easy guidelines when shopping for floral printed bridesmaid dresses.

Too many small flowers may look too busy and will be hard to make out the design and color detailing from a distance.

Black And Red Bridesmaid Dresses – Mix And Match For Your Body Type!

Black And Red Bridesmaid DressesBlack and red bridesmaid dresses flatter a variety of body types. The three main body types that apply to your bridesmaids are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. According to Muscle and Strength, traits of an ectomorph include a delicate bone structure with a flat chest and lean muscle. Mesomorph traits include an athletic physique and a rectangular body shape from head to toe. Endomorph traits include a soft and round body. Each body type is different and has special needs when it comes to choosing a color, cut, and style of bridesmaid dress.

Two Tone Bridesmaid Dresses – 10 Mistakes To Avoid!

Two Tone Bridesmaid DressesTwo tone bridesmaid dresses are one of the season’s hottest trends. When paired properly they have a high wow factor and look phenomenal in wedding photographs. They also provide color loving brides with the opportunity to incorporate more than one shade or tone into their wedding day décor. Before shopping with your bridesmaids, be sure to read the 10 mistakes to avoid when purchasing two toned bridesmaid dresses:

1. Black and white bridesmaid dresses look posh and polished.

Top 10 Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

Unique Bridesmaid DressesUnique bridesmaid dresses are on many brides’ wish lists. Today, more than ever; brides to be are in search of different bridesmaid dresses that give the wedding party a unique look or that can be incorporated into a wedding theme. Whether you are tying the knot in a church, on the beach, or in a barn, read on to learn about the top 10 unique bridesmaid dresses that you may want to utilize for your upcoming wedding.

1. Convertible bridesmaid dresses are on the up and coming trend train.