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Most Expensive Wedding Invitations Ideas For A Fraction of The Cost

Expensive Wedding InvitationsExpensive wedding invitations are not hard to come by. Most couples spend a bomb on their wedding dresses, wedding venues and wedding menus, but when it comes to wedding invitations, they go cheapskate. Wedding invitation, an important element of a wedding is not just a piece of paper. It is the window of your joy and your wedding theme. Then why take a casual stance on wedding invitations, why go cheapskates when you can have access to myriads of most expensive wedding invitations for a fraction of a cost.

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas – Tree, Rocks and Wine Bottles!

Unique Wedding Guest Book IdeasWedding guest books are an honored and revered tradition that is being followed by couples since “God-knows-when”. However, in recent times it has undergone a complete makeover. Many couples are not going for the “same old, same old” guest books. Instead they are turning their attention towards unique wedding guest book ideas. Read on to find out more about how you can buy or DIY unique wedding guest books with a twist that will impress your guests.

7 Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives Not To Miss

Wedding Guest Book AlternativesWedding guest books are a long-standing tradition, however some couples have offered very creative wedding guest book alternatives to their guests. There are some very unique wedding guest book ideas out there! If you are looking for unique touches to your wedding, such as custom wedding cards, or non-typical wedding music, wedding guest book alternatives might be something worthwhile to check out. You can theme your invitations, programs, and guest book so that they all portray the unique touches you are looking for. There are plenty of wedding ceremony program examples, and invitation samples for you too look at to get some fun and different ideas! Here are 7 unique wedding guest book alternatives not to miss: