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Wedding Venues Central Coast California – Beach vs Garden Wedding?

Wedding Venues Central CoastIf you live in California, you may be used to the glitz and glamour of weddings but when it comes to planning your own, you may be curious about the more intimate offbeat and unusual wedding venues Central Coast has to offer. Whether you are from around here or from far away and are looking at options for destination weddings and honeymoons, consider the following quaint and lesser known wedding venues Central Coast California has been hiding from the crowds:

Top 10 Unusual Wedding Venues in USA

Unusual Wedding Venues Looking for off the beaten path wedding receptions across America? Read below where we list some of the most unusual wedding venues in the USA.

1. Planning your wedding ceremony and reception at the Bellcourt Castle in Rhode Island is your chance to create a perfect fairytale wedding. Furnished in the best traditions of French 13th century castles, Bellcourt Castle in Rhode Island offers so much unique space and halls for creating just the right setting for your wedding. Additionally you can incorporate an incredible historical tour of the castle for your guests to get familiar with the estate.

Top 10 Most Intimate Wedding Venues In NYC

Intimate Wedding VenuesIn case you are searching for a perfect location for small wedding venues, please read below where we present some of the ideas for intimate wedding venues.

1. Brooklyn’s Galapagos Art Space looks like an indoor island perched over a lake creating one of the sexiest wedding venues in New York City. Galapagos Art Space allows you to stage a perfect intimate wedding for up to 150 guests.

2. Brooklyn Artists Gym offers 900 sq ft of open gallery space for creating unusual intimate wedding venues. Contemporary artwork and open space concept allow you to design just the right setting for your small wedding celebration.