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10 Country Rustic Wedding Cakes Ideas For Barn Wedding

Rustic Wedding CakesIf you are having a barn wedding, then you need to start browsing rustic wedding cakes ideas! These hearty desserts will not only taste delicious, but fit right in with your other country themed, rustic wedding décor. Here are 10 ideas for rustic wedding cakes that you should definitely give some consideration to!

Wedding Cake Servings Guide – Square Vs Round Cake

Wedding Cake ServingsWhen designing and ordering a cake for your big day, you should consider how many wedding cake servings you need in order to ensure that each guest is guaranteed a piece of your delicious celebratory dessert, whether it comes in a square or round format.

Cheap Wedding Cakes In Tampa Bay Area – 10 Best Bakeries!

Wedding Cakes TampaIf you are looking for best wedding cakes Tampa Bay area has to offer that are stylish yet affordable, be sure to check out these 10 best wedding cake bakeries that are said to boast the most beautiful designs for the best price!

1. Housewife Bakeshop has been in business since 1959 and creates noticeable cakes that will steal the show during wedding cake cutting songs.

Cheap Custom Wedding Cakes in Jacksonville Fl – 5 Best Bakeries

Wedding Cakes Jacksonville FlIf you are in need of cheap custom wedding cakes in Jacksonville Fl, be sure to shop one of the five best bakeries in the area that will get you what you need for your wedding day. From cupcakes, to theme cakes, and even individual wedding cakes, read on to learn which bakery can make the most affordable and fabulous cake for you to enjoy on your big day.

Walking Down The Aisle Songs – Traditional Or Not?

Walking Down The Aisle Songs“Here Comes the Bride” has long been the traditional pick of walking down the aisle songs. In fact, the tradition started in 1858 when Princess Victoria married Prince Frederick of Prussia. Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” was widely accepted as a standard processional song and the tradition is still around today. When perusing your music for wedding options, you already have a lot to think about and it can be simpler to go with the obvious choice for walking down the aisle songs. There are wedding party introduction songs to think about, wedding cake cutting songs, first dance songs and reception songs to choose. However, there are many alternative wedding songs and you do not have to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride.”