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Top 10 Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations

Winter Wonderland Wedding DecorationsWhen planning a winter wedding, there are many fun winter wonderland wedding decorations that will make this day special for the happy couple. Before you go and start decorating the church with all of these winter wonderland wedding decorations, be sure to speak to the priest or minister and explain your church wedding decoration ideas as well as what wedding altar decorations you wish to use. They may not allow certain decorations, so it is smart to ask first. Below is a list of the top 10 winter wonderland wedding decorations:

1. Use white Christmas lights everywhere, including and their branches.

How To Choose Wedding Decorators?

Wedding DecoratorsWhen planning a wedding, it is usually too big of an event to attempt on your own, especially if you both have very demanding jobs. Let’s face it, men very rarely have anything to do with the planning of the wedding. We just tell them when to show up. The best thing to do in this situation is to choose one of the many experienced wedding decorators.

When choosing wedding decorators, you will probably want to meet with several before you settle on one that will make sure this day is all about the bride and groom. If you have ideas about how you envision your wedding don’t be afraid to tell the prospective wedding decorators what those are.

Wedding Chair Covers – Buy Or Rent?

Wedding Chair CoversWhen planning a wedding, there are a ton of details and it can get very overwhelming. In order to keep the price of the wedding under control, you may choose to rent many of your decorations. Many times this is not only the least expensive way to go but it will be much easier on you. Some companies will come to the wedding reception and set up the product you are renting from them.

If you are planning to decorate yourself, schedule an appointment with a few wedding decorators. They can give you great ideas from head table decorations to wedding chair covers.

Top 10 Most Intimate Wedding Venues In NYC

Intimate Wedding VenuesIn case you are searching for a perfect location for small wedding venues, please read below where we present some of the ideas for intimate wedding venues.

1. Brooklyn’s Galapagos Art Space looks like an indoor island perched over a lake creating one of the sexiest wedding venues in New York City. Galapagos Art Space allows you to stage a perfect intimate wedding for up to 150 guests.

2. Brooklyn Artists Gym offers 900 sq ft of open gallery space for creating unusual intimate wedding venues. Contemporary artwork and open space concept allow you to design just the right setting for your small wedding celebration.