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Guide To Flattering Wedding Dress Shapes For Broad Shoulders

Wedding Dress ShapesIf you have broad shoulders there are a few wedding dress shapes that will look most complementary with your figure. Read on to learn which types of silhouettes you should consider as you look for your wedding dress in stores and online.

Strapless Bridal Undergarments – Pros And Cons!

Bridal UndergarmentsWhen shopping for your bridal trousseau, your bridal undergarments are almost as important as the dress itself! As soon as you have purchased your dress, you will need to begin shopping for your bridal undergarments such as the bridal corset. When purchasing a dress, you will want to decide if you should wear strapless undergarments or undergarments with straps. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of going without straps.

Pros of wearing strapless bridal undergarments:

These formfitting undergarments will give you a lot of support and accentuate your natural shape.

Wedding Garters Sets For Plus Size Brides

Wedding GartersNo matter what size, a bride wants to look dashing on her wedding day from head to toes. Wedding garters are peculiar pieces of brides’ wardrobe that are traditionally exposed during a playful wedding tradition. A plus size wedding garter is generously sized to ensure not tugging or pulling on your very special day.

Next to choosing the dress, picking out a wedding garters set is just as important. This is probably the first part of the bridal undergarments that will be removed by the new husband, so the bride is sure to want them to be beautiful and special.

Bridal Fascinators With Veil – Hot Trend Alert!

Bridal FascinatorsPlanning what to wear on your wedding day can be very stressful. There are many, many choices for every little detail. Whether you are choosing wedding garters or deciding whether to purchase a tuxedo or opt for wedding tuxedo rentals, the list of decisions that need to be made just goes on and on. This is also true when deciding on the wedding gown and what bridal headpieces to wear.

When looking for just the right wedding headpiece, you can choose from several options. The bride may want to go with the traditional veil or try something vintage, yet recently making a comeback such as bridal fascinators.