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Top 10 Christian Wedding Ceremony Program Rules

Christian Wedding CeremonyWedding program wording varies from ceremony to ceremony and there are many rules of thumb you can follow. If you are having a Christian wedding ceremony and are not sure what to include in your program, here is a list of the Top 10 Christian wedding ceremony program rules:

1. Christian wedding programs have many of the same elements as other programs, i.e. bridal party names, wedding program thank you message and the order of the service.

2. A Christian program will explain a part of the ceremony that is exclusive to your faith.

Wedding Program Wording Etiquette – When, How and What To Say?

Wedding Program WordingWedding program wording can seem like a tricky business, but it can be a lot easier than you think! Several wedding program templates exist, and you can simply find one that matches your wedding colors, insert the names of your bridal party and then include a small wedding program thank you message as well. However, if you want to make your program into a memento of your day, you can choose wedding program wording that will capture your heartfelt gratitude for the support you have received. You may also need to include information about the ceremony in your program. For example, a Catholic wedding program usually includes the readings and songs in the order in which the congregation will hear them for those who are unfamiliar with a Catholic Mass.

Writing Wedding Vows: 5 Tips For The Groom

Writing Wedding VowsWriting wedding vows is not an easy task, so don’t mess it up grooms-to-be! Not to add any pressure on you, but you are going to need some amazing wedding vow ideas! Whether you choose to write contemporary wedding vows or stick to a traditional feel, these are the words you are using to dedicate your life to the woman you love, so they must be perfect. Here are five tips for writing wedding vows:

1. Many people choose humorous wedding vows. Sharing laughter while you are tying the knot is a beautiful way to celebrate your union with your bride.

Wedding Vow Ideas For Civil Ceremony

Wedding Vow IdeasAre you reciting your own wedding vows at your ceremony? Are you looking for wedding vow ideas? Perhaps you have decided to use non religious wedding vows in your service. Or maybe you are having a civil ceremony, but want to infuse religion into the wedding, like saying Catholic wedding vows to each other. Writing wedding vows is not an easy task as these are the words you pledge to each other for life. What elements should you include? Are there limitations to wording you can use in civil ceremonies? Should you write your vows together?

If you are having a civil ceremony for your wedding, the words you choose for your vows can be whatever you and your partner choose them to be.