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Short Bridesmaid Dresses With Boots – For Which Wedding Themes?

Short Bridesmaid DressesYou have spirit, personality, and a humorous wit. You adore short bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns that are anything but traditional. You also can’t get the image of you walking down an aisle out of your head and you think formal receptions are stuffy and pretentious. If this sounds like you, read on to learn how you can dress your bridesmaids in short bridesmaid dresses and boots for a casual and fun filled theme for you wedding day.

Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses – Which Neckline For Your Body Type?

Mermaid Bridesmaid DressesMermaid bridesmaid dresses are making a splash at weddings set in every season. They look ultimately hip and chic when mimicking brides who wear mermaid wedding dresses. Mermaid silhouettes are sexy and body hugging. They cut in at the waist and slightly flair out at the hips, highlighting every curve and then continues tightly on down the legs, and flaring out at the ankles; ultimately taking shape of the mythical mermaid. These dresses come in a variety of colors, textures, materials, and with sparkling embellishments.

10 Most Popular Beach Bridesmaid Dresses Under 100 Dollars

Beach Bridesmaid DressesGetting married on the beach is romantic, intimate, and fabulous. Your décor is light, airy, and whimsical-your dresses should also match this feeling and theme. Once you have selected your beautiful beach dress, grab your girls and consider these 10 popular beach bridesmaid dresses-all for fewer than 100 dollars!

1. A-Line/Princess Strapless Knee-Length Organza Bridesmaid Dresses With Ruffles (007001109), by J J’s House, is featured in a lovely lilac but comes in other ocean inspired colors.

Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses – Tea Length or Knee Length?

Destination Wedding Bridesmaid DressesAruba? Rome? How about New York City? Wherever you choose to wed, one thing you want to consider are your destination wedding bridesmaid dresses. Dresses are chosen by brides because they love the color, cut, and style of the dresses, but when searching for destination bridesmaid dresses, the bride must consider the location, venue, and bridesmaids’ needs.

If tying the knot on by the sea, there are a large variety of beach bridesmaid dresses to choose from that come an array of colors, patterns, and lightweight materials.

Bridesmaid Dresses By Color – 10 Best Colors For 2012!

Bridesmaid Dresses By Color After the royal wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Kate, many thought dresses resembling Pippa Middleton’s cream colored bridesmaid gown would be the ones to fly off the racks. Surprisingly, many designers are showing bridesmaid dresses by color, and they are colors that range anywhere from bold, to muted, to neutral. Read on to decide which 2012 colors are the best wedding colors for you:

1. Cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses are a slight step down from an electrifying neon shade, which may not be for you and is considered to be short lived, but is very hot for 2012 summer weddings.

10 Hot New Bridesmaid Dress Ideas You Must Check Out

Bridesmaid Dress IdeasIf you began searching for your dream wedding gown and browsing the web for bridesmaid dress ideas as soon as you got engaged, you are not alone. Many brides to be want their big day to be amazing-from the food, to the music, to the wedding party attire. Read on to learn about the 10 hot new bridesmaid dress ideas you must check out if you have started to plan your dream day:

1. Retro bridesmaid dresses are back in a big way. Bright and bold colors, funky textures and cuts, and quirky embellishments like belts and bows are anything but traditional and are very hot at the moment.

Choose Grey Bridesmaid Dresses With Yellow Flowers Over Pink Flowers!

Grey Bridesmaid DressesGrey bridesmaid dresses are the new black. They are neutral, more versatile because they are available in a variety of tones and can really make bright and colorful bouquet of yellow flowers pop. Many brides to be are jumping on the trend of choosing grey bridesmaid dresses for their girls to wear, but are pairing the anytime tone with the wrong colors of flowers. Many brides think that their charcoal bridesmaid dresses look great with pastel shades or pink. While they will work, a bold and bright yellow will add an unexpected style element to the wedding day look.

Grecian Bridesmaid Dresses Look – 10 Greek Goddess Tips!

Grecian Bridesmaid DressesGrecian bridesmaid dresses look statuesque, sophisticated, and classic. Also known as empire waist bridesmaid dresses, they have a reputation for a flattering fit and a smoldering hot look. Here are 10 tips to ensure your bridesmaids look like Greek goddesses in their Grecian bridesmaid dresses:

1. Grecian wedding dresses have become extremely popular in the past few years. Pairing them with Grecian style bridesmaid dresses completes the out of Athens look.

10 Things To Avoid With Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Average Body Type

Satin Bridesmaid DressesSatin bridesmaid dresses are sheer, shiny, and glamorous for weddings taking place in any season. After you select your bridesmaids to stand by your side on your big day, you need to take their body needs into consideration. Some styles and cuts of satin dresses are not for everyone. Here are 10 things to avoid with satin bridesmaid dresses for a bridesmaid with an average body type:

1. White is a fright! You are the star of the show on your wedding day.

10 Ideas To Spice Up Casual Bridesmaid Dresses For Outdoor Wedding

Casual Bridesmaid DressesCongratulations! You got engaged and are ready to plan a big wedding, right? Maybe not! Weddings are an extremely personal choice and many couples today are opting to tie the knot in a court house, park, on the beach, or at a location that has a special meaning or significance to where they met or fell in love. Wearing an over the top wedding dress may not be the most appropriate choice when saying your “I do’s,” at a casual venue so your wedding and bridal party dresses need to be reflective of the season, time, and place of the vow exchange. Casual bridesmaid dresses may look relaxed but are anything but boring. Here are 10 ideas to spice them up for your outdoor wedding:

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses – Short or Long For A Beach Wedding?

Chiffon Bridesmaid DressesFine white sand, crystal clear seas, gentle rolling waves, and tropical plants and animals in view make an ideal beach ceremony setting for a wedding. Before you stroll down a sandy path to say your “I do’s,” be sure to weigh out the pros and cons of short and long chiffon bridesmaid dresses to ensure that your best gal pals share in your celebration in style and comfort!

Summer bridesmaid dresses in general are usually composed of fine and light materials like silk, satin, and chiffon. When dress shopping with your bridal party, browse through the summery, light, and flowy bridesmaid dresses, even if your wedding is taking place during fall or winter months, due to the warm or tropical environment of the ceremony.

10 Mistakes With Brown Bridesmaid Dresses And Groomsmen Attire

Brown Bridesmaid DressesHere comes the bride, all dressed in white! Selecting a color for your wedding dress is easy. Your choices are traditionally limited to white, off white, champagne, and ivory. The difficult decisions come when choosing a color scheme for your wedding party. Brown bridesmaid dresses are currently popular and a pretty choice, especially-chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses! However, brides to be need to be careful they do not make one of the 10 mistakes listed below, especially when pairing the chocolate bridesmaid dresses with groomsmen attire and other wedding day ensembles and ceremony and reception décor:

Taffeta Bridesmaid Dresses – Flattering Plus Size Styles!

Taffeta Bridesmaid DressesTaffeta is a crisp and smooth fabric that moves with your body while providing an ample amount of coverage with just the right amount of shine and sheen-ideal for plus size figures! Therefore, choosing taffeta bridesmaid dresses is a no brainer for your upcoming wedding day ceremony and reception. Some plus size women may feel stressed when trying on plus size bridesmaid dresses, but the cut and material of a dress makes all the difference. Here is how you can make trying on taffeta bridesmaid dresses fun and stress-free.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses With Sexy Slits – Hot Trend Alert!

Royal Blue Bridesmaid DressesRoyal blue bridesmaid dresses look regal and sophisticated. However, when a sexy slit becomes a part of the dress design, blue bridesmaid dresses look sexy and smoldering. Blue in general is the color of calming energy and is vital to a traditional bride’s belief of “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” If you are in search of the perfect bridesmaid dress for your bridal party that makes them look sexy, beautiful, and feel confident; opt for royal blue bridesmaid dresses with a slit!

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses With Flowers – 5 Accent Colors To Avoid!

Blue bridesmaid dresses can be bold, elegant, and chic; and depending on their tone, can be worn during any season for a wedding. When pairing flowers with bridesmaid dresses by color, there are some floral accent colors to avoid. View the color wheel to help you choose colors that will complement your blue bridesmaid dresses. The basic rule of selecting complementary colors, according to the color wheel, is that the colors of choice should be directly opposite of each other on the wheel. Colors like red and green (despite being associated with Christmas) or blue and yellow (and their variations) would be examples of complementary colors.

Top 10 Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves Under 100 Dollars

Bridesmaid dresses with sleeves are chic, sleek and can be very affordable. Whether they are cap sleeves, bat sleeves, bell sleeves, or fitted sleeves, there are many cheap bridesmaid dresses with sleeves that are very stylish and trendy. Below are our top 10 bridesmaid dresses with sleeves under 100 dollars:

1. Sheath One-shoulder Floor-length Chiffon Wedding Party / Bridesmaid Dress (Number BD017), by Dido Bridal is great if you are looking for long bridesmaid dresses with sleeves. The floor length chiffon dress features one flutter sleeve-perfect for a spring wedding.

Are Green Bridesmaid Dresses Bad Luck?

The color green has been known to symbolize nature. Considered to be the color of peace and ecology, green offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony. What a wonderful reason to choose green bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, right? Not according to some superstitions and tales!

A woman who was set to marry in a green wedding dress was said to be unlucky in general and the bride was known to have loose morals because her dress would be grass-stained due to rolling around in the fields, according to a United Kingdom website.

Couture Bridesmaid Dresses – Go For Cheaper Look-A-Like Alternatives!

Couture bridesmaid dresses are dresses at their finest. Custom made, these designer bridesmaid dresses are one of a kind and come with a hefty price tag. Many times, you get what you pay for so investing in a couture dress may be a wise option if you can afford it. However, many brides to be are on a budget and they cannot justify spending an arm and a leg on a dress for one days wear. There are many bridesmaid dresses online and in stores that mimic a couture look, but have a significantly smaller price tag.

Lazaro bridesmaid dresses are featured in feminine and classic silhouettes and are draped in wearable fabrics like satin faced taffeta and Mikado, a brand of blended silk.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses – Short or Long For A Vintage Wedding?

Go for a vintage wedding look that leaves your bridal party looking pretty in pink. After choosing from a large array of tones, colors, and hues of pink, your next big decision is picking short or long pink bridesmaid dresses for a vintage wedding look.

One of the first things you need to consider is the time of year your big day is being held. Light pink bridesmaid dresses are ideal for spring and summer months, with a hemline cut like tea length or knee length to keep cool in warmer weather.

Top 10 Cute Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas for 2012

Congratulations on your engagement! Your 2012 wedding is quickly approaching and you are in search of some cute bridesmaid dresses. Read on to learn about the top 10 cute dress ideas for your bridesmaid and your dream wedding:

1. Polka dot bridesmaid dresses are whimsical, youthful, and unique! Whether worn in black and white, navy blue and white, or red and white color combinations, these retro vibe prints will create an element of fun and playfulness at your wedding.