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Ivory Birdcage Veil – With Flowers Or Feathers?

Birdcage VeilA birdcage veil creates a dramatic and sassy wedding day look. Its delicate netted veil falls slightly below the eye, nose, or mouth depending on its design and veil styles. Popularly featured with oversized embellishments such as flowers or feathers, read on to help you decide which one should you choose to wear on your birdcage wedding veil?

The first rule of choosing a flower or feather feature on your bridal birdcage veil is to look at the design element and embellishments that are on your wedding dress.

Top 10 Bridal Flower Hair Accessories Ideas Of All Times!

Bridal Flower Hair Accessories Bridal flower hair accessories add a feminine accent to lovely and luscious wedding day locks. With so many bridal hair flowers to choose from, how do you decide on just one? Read on to learn about the top bridal flower hair accessories ideas of all time and how you can incorporate them into your wedding day look.

1. Choosing a bridal headpiece means choosing a look that ensures elegance.

10 New Ideas To Create A Vintage Look With Wedding Tiaras And Veils

Wedding TiarasWedding tiaras and the right veil will make you look like a princess on your big day. They add sparkle, style, and create an instantly formal and chic look. Vintage fashion is currently trendy not only in daily fashion but in wedding attire and accessories as well. Read on to learn how to create a vintage look with bridal tiaras and veils using 10 new ideas:

1. Purchasing an actual vintage veil will get you the antiquated look you desire. Many sites like Ebay and Etsy sell 100% vintage accessories; as do flea markets and antique shops.

Top 10 Vintage Hair Accessories For Weddings You Must Consider!

Vintage Hair AccessoriesA vintage themed wedding means vintage hair accessories! There are large selections of antique accessories that will complement your hair do and gown on your big day. Veils, clips, tiaras, and even hats can all be worn as vintage wedding hair accessories to get you that antiquated but classy look you desire.

1. Try a wedding birdcage veil. This headpiece captures the true essence of the vintage era and is adorned in flowers, feathers, or both.

Top 10 Short Veil Style Ideas For A Beach Wedding!

Short VeilA beach wedding means a short veil! These playful but pretty veils will not only look great with destination wedding gowns, but will remain sand free which equals a stress free and mess free wedding day look. Read on to learn about the top 10 short veil style ideas for a beach wedding.

1. Try a bubble veil. These veils are short and sassy as they create a rounded shape hitting mid back. These veils are perfect for strapless dresses or open back styles.

Vintage Veil Hat Vs Headband – Which One To Choose?

Vintage VeilChoosing between a vintage veil and a vintage headband is a difficult decision. Vintage accessories are not only fun to wear, but they look absolutely chic and classy. When choosing to have a vintage wedding party look, there are a number of designer wedding veils that come in the form of hats and headbands. Read on to help you decide which vintage veil will look best on your wedding day.

Headbands were popular with vintage brides back in the day.

Tips To Choosing A Wedding Dress For Cathedral Veil With Blusher!

Cathedral Veil A cathedral veil with a blusher creates the ultimate wedding day look. When a bride walks down the aisle in a church wearing a cathedral length veil with her face modestly covered, a statement can’t help but be made. The bride consciously chooses to embrace a classy and traditional dream bride image from head to toe. Read on to learn some tips to help you choose a wedding gown that complements a cathedral veil and blusher.

Mantilla Veil With Lace Dress – Bring Some Spanish Into Your Wedding!

Mantilla VeilA mantilla veil is the ultimate accessory to add some saucy Spanish style into your wedding day look. When worn with lace Spanish style wedding dresses, you will achieve a new level of sexy and style. Read on to learn how to bring some Spanish into your own wedding by including this Spanish veil.

A mantilla wedding veil is most popularly featured in lace. However, modern versions of the veil feature a sheer scalloped edge with lace embellishment. This lace wedding veil is worn over the bride’s head and shoulders, falling forward to create an alluring but modest appearance.

Wedding Veil Lengths – How To Choose For Your Dress Style?

Wedding VeilA wedding veil is an accessory that completes your dream wedding look. With so many veils available online and in bridal stores, which one should you choose? Read on to learn how to choose a veil length that will work for your wedding dress style.

After getting engaged, be sure to look for and purchase your wedding dress before you purchase your bridal veil. Certain silhouettes, cuts, and hemlines of dresses pair better with certain types of veils.

Cheap Wedding Ties For Groom – Where To Buy Online?

Wedding TiesSaying “I do,” should not cost a fortune. It is all about the love your partner and yourself have for one another. Save money by cutting some corners when possible. Wedding ties are one area you can afford to be thrifty with. There are many great ties that come with an affordable price tag. So while shopping for online bargain gowns, cheap bridesmaid dresses, and affordable flower girl outfits; add wedding ties to your list.

Shopping on a budget does not equal sacrificing quality and style.

Top 10 Vintage Wedding Veil Styles Ideas

Veil StylesAfter you purchase your wedding gown, it is time to consider veil styles. Vintage wedding veils are trendy with today’s brides. Their length, embellishment, and overall aesthetic appeal create a vintage chic look on modern brides. Read on to learn about the top 10 vintage wedding veil style ideas to try for your own big day:

1. A drop veil is very sheer and covers the entire head and face. They can be worn in a variety of lengths to complement your wedding gown’s length and style.

10 Trendiest Wedding Headpiece Ideas

Wedding HeadpieceIf planning for your dream wedding, you probably have already begun the search for your dream dress. Make sure your wedding headpiece complements the color, style, and silhouette of the dress that you select. Read on to discover the 10 trendiest wedding headpiece ideas you can incorporate into your wedding day look:

1. Bridal fascinators with veil are currently a hot trend with brides to be. The fasteners come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs like feathers and flowers, and are linked to a blusher or a small piece of netted veil.

Strapless Bridal Undergarments – Pros And Cons!

Bridal UndergarmentsWhen shopping for your bridal trousseau, your bridal undergarments are almost as important as the dress itself! As soon as you have purchased your dress, you will need to begin shopping for your bridal undergarments such as the bridal corset. When purchasing a dress, you will want to decide if you should wear strapless undergarments or undergarments with straps. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of going without straps.

Pros of wearing strapless bridal undergarments:

These formfitting undergarments will give you a lot of support and accentuate your natural shape.

Wedding Garters Sets For Plus Size Brides

Wedding GartersNo matter what size, a bride wants to look dashing on her wedding day from head to toes. Wedding garters are peculiar pieces of brides’ wardrobe that are traditionally exposed during a playful wedding tradition. A plus size wedding garter is generously sized to ensure not tugging or pulling on your very special day.

Next to choosing the dress, picking out a wedding garters set is just as important. This is probably the first part of the bridal undergarments that will be removed by the new husband, so the bride is sure to want them to be beautiful and special.

Wedding Veil Styles 2011 Trends

Wedding Veil StylesIf you thought you would never want to wear a veil at your wedding, you may want to think again! Wedding veil styles are very chic this year and can be the perfect accessory to your wedding dress. When we think of lace wedding veils, many of us think of the “chapel” veil – the yards of lace that start at the bride’s head and fall to the floor. Or the “cathedral” veil – the veil style worn at royal weddings. However, you can choose a bridal headpiece that has a veil, but does not weigh your head down or hide you from your wedding guests!

Wedding veil styles in 2011 are as diverse as they are trendy!

Bridal Hair Clips For Short Hair – Which One To Choose?

Bridal Hair ClipsWhile short hair is a chic look, it can seem difficult to accessorize for your wedding day. This can be easier than you think thanks to bridal hair clips! By choosing to incorporate bridal hair clips into your headpiece, you can choose from many styles including wedding hair bands, tiaras and flower hair pieces for weddings. Bridal hair clips will not only keep your accessories firmly clipped to your short locks, but they can also be your only hair accessories as they are both decorative and classy.

Hair bands for weddings are a trendy choice with the popularity of vintage weddings this year.

Bridal Fascinators With Veil – Hot Trend Alert!

Bridal FascinatorsPlanning what to wear on your wedding day can be very stressful. There are many, many choices for every little detail. Whether you are choosing wedding garters or deciding whether to purchase a tuxedo or opt for wedding tuxedo rentals, the list of decisions that need to be made just goes on and on. This is also true when deciding on the wedding gown and what bridal headpieces to wear.

When looking for just the right wedding headpiece, you can choose from several options. The bride may want to go with the traditional veil or try something vintage, yet recently making a comeback such as bridal fascinators.

Bridal Headpiece 2011 Trends – Which One To Choose?

Bridal HeadpieceWhen choosing your bridal headpiece, consider the style of your dress. While vintage cage veils are definitely in this year, if your dress is a contemporary style, then the trendy cage veil won’t look as trendy as you hoped. 2011 is seeing a wide array of wedding veil styles and flower hair pieces for weddings. If you want both, flowers can be added to the veil for your bridal headpiece as well. Veils are definitely the style this year, although the types of veils are varied. The traditional waterfall veil will always be beautiful, however birdcage wedding veils seem to be the most popular. The birdcage veil has a much shorter length than the waterfall veil and any bride will look fashionable with a birdcage veil as a bridal headpiece.

Flower Hair Pieces For Weddings – Real Flowers Vs Fake

Flower Hair Pieces For WeddingsFlower hair pieces for weddings are becoming more and more popular. Oversized flowers seem to be the biggest trend at the moment. Large fake flowers, placed prominently on a bridal headpiece, will definitely garner attention! However, real flowers are not off the A-list yet. Roses placed into bridal crowns, or small daisies held in place by bridal hair clips are also popular choices this year.

Traditionally, the bridal headpiece has been a veil, but many women are opting for flower hair pieces for weddings. Whether you select fake or real flowers, you can hold them in place for the entire day with a bridal hair comb.

Headpices For Weddings Types And Current Trends

Headpices For WeddingsModern brides are blessed with a plethora of headpieces for weddings choices. However, navigating through this massive selection could be quite a challenge. This article will help clear confusion associated with headpieces for weddings selection.

There are generally four main categories of headpieces for weddings, namely, wedding veils, tiaras, headbands and wedding hair accents including combs, pins and flowers. When trying to decide which wedding headpieces to choose, take note of your overall wedding theme, dress and location. Ultimately, your wedding dress dictates your choice of wedding headpieces.