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Military Wedding Shocker: Camo Wedding Dresses With Pink Accessories!

Camo Wedding DressesBe all that you can be while wearing a camouflage wedding dress! Camo wedding dresses provide an interesting take on the classic and traditional long, white haute couture wedding dresses. If you are true Army girl, then read on to learn how to incorporate these unique wedding dresses with pops of pink accessories to look tough, girly, and glamorous.

Camo Formal features camouflage wedding dresses at an affordable price.

10 Best Maggie Sottero Destination Wedding Dresses of All Times!

Maggie Sottero Destination Wedding DressesMaggie Sottero is a talented and creative designer of wedding dresses. They are chic, sleek, and sophisticated. Among many, Maggie Sottero destination wedding dresses are just what a traveling bride is in search of. She can still obtain the classic design element of a lace wedding gown while exchanging nuptials on the beach or in the city in a unique style. Read on to discover the 10 best Maggie Sottero destination wedding dresses of all time and if they can be worn for your own destination wedding.

1. The Alexa dress is an elegant pick if in search of destination wedding gowns. Ideal to wed in a big city, the dress is modern, sexy, and dramatic-just like a city itself; with a jeweled halter neckline and asymmetrical chiffon draping.

Top 10 Grecian Wedding Dresses Ideas For A Casual Wedding

Grecian Wedding DressesLook like a Greek goddess on your wedding day wearing a Grecian wedding dress. Grecian wedding dresses look light, airy, and are draped with luxury. They come in a variety of necklines and fall into similar silhouettes, creating a long and streamlined look. Read on to learn how to incorporate these dresses and their style elements into your casual wedding in 10 easy ways:

1. Most Greek wedding dresses have draping.

How To Choose Wedding Dresses For Full Chested Body Types

Wedding Dresses For Body Types Wedding dresses for body types are specially designed to complement specific types of bodies. The three main types of body shapes are endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. No matter if your body is soft and round, athletic, or long and lean; bust sizes need to also be taken into consideration, especially when searching for a wedding dress.

When shopping for wedding dresses for body types such as full chested body types, a variety of popular and figure flattering silhouettes boast support and coverage, making your upper half look chic, perky, and firm.

Will Trumpet Wedding Dresses With Lace Work For Your Body Type?

Trumpet Wedding DressesSound the trumpets! It’s your wedding day. Trumpet wedding dresses create a modern, sexy, and winning wedding day look. However, they are not for everybody type. Trumpet style wedding dresses look beautiful on the rack, but only certain figures can pull them off on their big day. Read on to decide if a trumpet wedding gown will work for you.

Also known as Spanish style wedding dresses, trumpet gowns get their playful and musical name from a trumpet’s shaped. Their fit and flare silhouette hugs the body, curving in and out, up and down the body.

10 Secrets To Finding The Right Wedding Dress For Rectangle Body Type

Wedding Dress For Body Type A woman’s body comes in all shapes and sizes. A wedding dress for body type should highlight the unique features on your body that make you, you! Rectangular body types have measurements that are all similar in the shoulders, hips, and waist, so they lack curves. If you are considered a rectangular shape, listen to these 10 secrets to finding wedding dresses for your body type:

1. Empire waist wedding dresses are the ultimate body complementing dresses for rectangular forms.

10 Things To Avoid With Second Wedding Dresses For Older Women

Second Wedding DressesSometimes things are better the second time around-especially marriages! When shopping online or in stores for second wedding dresses, there are a number of things to consider and avoid. Second marriage wedding dresses should reflect your personal style but abide by a few fashion and social etiquette guidelines for older women remarrying. Here is a list of 10 things to avoid with second wedding dresses:

1. Bright white dresses scream purity and youth. If you desire wearing white, opt for an off white, beige, or champagne tone.

Lace Wedding Gown – Make Vintage Sexy With An Open Back!

Lace Wedding GownA lace wedding gown has an air of elegance and class. Popularly featured in the 1920’s-1950’s, the lace dresses were modest, ladylike, and matronly. Today, these textured dresses come in a variety of silhouettes, styles, colors, and hemlines to complement a modern bride’s body. Making vintage sexy is simple, by selecting open back vintage lace wedding gown for your upcoming wedding!

Vintage lace wedding gowns are worn by brides who wish to execute a vintage wedding party theme.

10 Expensive Mermaid Wedding Dresses With Bling You Will Love

Mermaid Wedding DressesIt’s your big day-go all out! Mermaid wedding dresses are beautiful, sexy, and streamlined; creating the ultimate dreamy look on your dream day. There are a variety of expensive mermaid style dresses that sport some serious bling that you are sure to fall in love with. Here are our top 10:

1. Kleinfeld Bridal features a beautiful lace mermaid wedding dress with sparkles. Designed by Pnina Tornai, style number 32440257; features a sparkly beaded belt that cinches the waist and embraces the curves of the dress ‘silhouette.

Second Marriage Wedding Dresses – Short or Long?

Second Marriage Wedding DressesWedding is a joyous occasion no matter whether it’s first, second or third time around. Picking second marriage wedding dresses is just as important and needs to be taken seriously. The choice of short or long second marriage wedding dresses lies entirely on you. There are no strict rules concerning the selection of wedding dresses for second marriage. On the other hand, some second time brides simply do not want a headache and expenses of buying a formal wedding gown and prefer a more casual and flirty dress to match the occasion.

Traditionally white is definitely out when planning a second wedding.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses With Color – Pros and Cons!

Plus Size Wedding DressesThe days of the traditional white wedding dresses for every wedding are in the past. While some brides still stick with the traditional white or ivory wedding gown, many are choosing the non-traditional route by picking dresses in different colors or colored accents. This is also true for full figured brides looking for plus size wedding dresses. Below are some pros and cons of plus size wedding dresses with color.

Pros of plus size wedding dresses with color:
Choosing plus size wedding dresses in shades of gold or even pearl pink may accentuate a beautiful skin tone.

Short Informal Wedding Dresses – 5 Mistakes To Avoid!

Informal Wedding DressesWhen choosing a wedding dress, traditionally most brides choose a floor length affair, usually with a train. This is not as common these days. Many brides are choosing to go with more informal wedding dresses especially if they are planning one of the island destination weddings that are becoming very popular recently. Just as with any dress, if the bride wants a shorter dress she will need to try on several in order to find the perfect dress. There are things to consider when choosing informal wedding dresses. Listed below are five mistakes that you will want to avoid.

1. Do not get a tattoo on your legs or ankles, especially if it’s getting close to the wedding. If you already have a tattoo, ask a makeup artist how to camouflage it in order to look more feminine on your wedding day.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses – A Must-See Collection!

Vera Wang Wedding DressesWhen the bride begins searching for the perfect couture wedding dress, the first name that comes to mind is likely Vera Wang. Vera Wang’s name has become synonymous with high-end but affordable designer wedding dresses. Whether you are looking for first or second marriage wedding dresses, small or plus size wedding dresses, you will not want to miss seeing the gorgeous collections of Vera Wang wedding dresses!

Top 10 Destination Wedding Gowns of All Times

Destination Wedding GownsDestination wedding gowns are specially designed to blend perfectly with an ocean front setting using beautiful while easy to pack fabrics like chiffon, silk and charmeuse in charming non-traditional wedding dress styles. Destination wedding gowns are definitely more casual and look drastically different from restricting and heavily detailed formal wedding gowns. Traditional wedding style dresses like, for example, Spanish Style wedding dresses should be reserved for more formal wedding venues.

Design My Own Wedding Dress – How To Make It Happen?

Design My Own Wedding DressEvery bride wants to look unique and breathtaking on her special wedding day, however, not everybody can afford five figure price tags for haute couture wedding dresses. Design my own wedding dress is a popular venue to take that more and more brides are considering. Not only it’s exciting but the reward of walking down the isle in the dress of your dreams is priceless.

Top 10 Haute Couture Wedding Dresses of 2011

Haute Couture Wedding DressesThe theme of sensuality and femininity is ruling the runways of haute couture wedding dresses collections of 2011.

1. Melissa Sweet Bridal Collection 2011, Dress Solange. This one shoulder bridal gown is embellished by beautiful floral décor drawing all attention to the bodice and bust line complimented by a flowing skirt design.

Wedding Dress Alterations – What To Watch Out For?

Wedding Dress AlterationsIn order to avoid many wedding dress alterations nightmares, please read our article where we share many wedding dress makers’ secrets for you to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. It’s not a surprise that planning a wedding is stressful and could cause brides to lose or gain lots of weight leading to improper wedding dress fit. Following some basic wedding dress alterations common sense is a key to look flawlessly on your wedding day.

Spanish Style Wedding Dresses Review

Spanish Style Wedding DressesMany prominent bridal designers like Pronovias, Rosa Clara, La Sposa and Aire Barcelona are bringing back Spanish style wedding dresses to life. Ruffles, tiers, lace and incredible detailing are all characteristics of traditional Spanish style wedding dresses. However, nowadays bridal designers are offering Spanish style wedding dresses both traditional and with a modern twist to satisfy virtually all brides’ tastes.