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Custom Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes – Where To Buy Online?

Swarovski Crystal Wedding ShoesYou can spark from head to toe on your wedding day by wearing Swarovski crystal wedding shoes. These elegant sparklers can be purchased in stores or online, but are most popularly ordered as a custom option. These shiny but funky wedding shoes look amazing with many styles of dresses but especially princess wedding dresses because they mimic a classic Cinderella fairy tale look – glass slippers, bridal crowns and all.

Clear Cinderella Wedding Shoes – Your Ultimate Princess Accessory!

Cinderella Wedding ShoesIf you have dreamed about your wedding day since you were a very little girl, you need to dress like a princess when the big day actually arrives. Piece together your dream bride image by opting for a white, puffy, strapless dress and shiny, glass Cinderella wedding shoes. Can you really have your own pair of glass slippers?

Vintage Ivory Lace Wedding Shoes – Bridal Bootie Vs Peep Toe

Ivory Lace Wedding ShoesIf you are planning a vintage themed wedding, or are just a lover and admirer of vintage fashion in general, you need to wear vintage ivory lace wedding shoes! Some of the most popular styles to wear are bridal booties and peep toe pumps.

10 Comfortable But Cute Wedding Shoes Ideas On The Cheap

Cute Wedding ShoesIf you want a pair of cute wedding shoes to wear on your wedding day, you are not alone! These cute shoes can end up costing a fortune and end up collecting dust in your closet for years to come! Put your creative juices to work by incorporating very affordable but very fun wedding shoes into you big day’s look that you can actually wear again.

Purple Sparkly Wedding Shoes – Silver Wedding Theme Surprise!

Sparkly Wedding ShoesSparkly wedding shoes will not only brighten up your wedding ensemble, but can provide a pop of unexpected color as well. Wearing purple sparkly wedding shoes on your wedding day is a huge trend with brides to be; especially for a silver wedding color scheme theme.

10 Facts About Dyeable Bridal Shoes You Must Know Before Buying

Dyeable Bridal ShoesDyeable bridal shoes are a great way to ensure a perfect color match for fun wedding shoes to wear under your gown or for bridesmaids to match or enhance their bridesmaid dresses. Read on to learn about 10 facts about dyeable bridal shoes you must know before you invest in a pair.

Wide Width Wedding Shoes Flats Vs Low Heel – What To Choose?

Wide Width Wedding ShoesSome brides require wide width wedding shoes to rely on comfort and style for their wedding day. Luckily today, shoe vendors all over the world make fashionable styles in a wide width fit. On your wedding day you want to wear the most comfortable wedding shoes to get you through your ceremony and fun filled reception.

Design Your Own Wedding Shoes Online – What You Should Know

Design Your Own Wedding ShoesHave you always wanted to design your own wedding shoes for your special day online? If so, it is definitely a possibility! You can custom design shoes down to their style, color, embellishment, and size specifications like with wide width wedding shoes to fit your unique needs.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Shoes – Bridesmaid Dresses And Flowers Ideas

Tiffany Blue Wedding ShoesEveryone recognizes the classic and elegant color, Tiffany blue. Since it is good luck to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue; you can wear Tiffany blue wedding shoes on your special day. Read on to learn about how you can select bridesmaid dresses and flowers that will complement these striking blue shoes for wedding.

10 Funky Wedding Shoes Ideas For A One-Of-A-Kind Wedding!

Funky Wedding ShoesIf you have a playful personality, you need to show it off on your wedding day by wearing a wedding dress that is one of a kind and funky wedding shoes that speak to you and your guests. Read on to learn about how you can purchase or design a pair of funky wedding shoes for your upcoming wedding!

Lace Flat Bridal Shoes With Bling – Vintage With A Modern Sparkle!

 flat bridal shoesIf you love the antiquated look of vintage apparel or accessories yet love the look of modern clothing, there are shoes that meet in the middle of your two fashion favorites to produce lace flat shoes with major bling.

Chris Louboutin Something Blue Wedding Shoes Vs Manolo Blahnik

Something Blue Wedding Shoes“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!” For your wedding day, make your “something blue” be your wedding shoes! How can you choose between the two top shoe designers in the world, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik; when it comes to your something blue wedding shoes?

10 Tricks To Spice Up Plain Ivory Satin Wedding Shoes

ivory satin wedding shoesIvory satin wedding shoes look traditional and elegant. While they will look great at any kind of wedding, they tend to be on the plain side. How can you spice them up?

Yellow Bridal Shoes Color Shade Trends Explained!

Yellow Bridal ShoesName two things that make you happy. Did you say the color yellow and shoes? If so, why not include them in your wedding day look, since your wedding days will be one of the happiest days of your life?

Navy Blue Wedding Shoes – Mix And Match Accent Color Ideas!

navy blue wedding shoesNavy blue wedding shoes are playful, elegant, and trendy for brides and bridesmaids to wear with their wedding day gowns. Don’t just have bridesmaids wear them with their solid blue dresses! There are many ways to mix and match bridesmaid dresses with neutral navy blue wedding shoes and other navy accents.

Cheap Bridesmaid Shoes Online Under 30 Bucks – 10 Retailers

cheap bridesmaid shoesCan you really purchase a pair of bridesmaid shoes for less than 30 dollars? Yes! Great looking but cheap bridesmaid shoes can be all yours by shopping some of the trendy, elegant, yet affordable retailers below!

10 Unique Teal Wedding Shoes Ideas For Peacock Style Wedding

Teal Wedding ShoesThe colors of a peacock are majestic, beautiful, and striking. Why not incorporate them into the unique design and color scheme of your wedding day? One must-have for a peacock style wedding is teal wedding shoes. Read on to learn about 10 unique colored wedding shoes ideas to make your peacock wedding theme work wonderfully:

Royal Blue Wedding Shoes – Add a Royal Vibe To Your Wedding!

Royal Blue Wedding ShoesRoyal blue wedding shoes sets a royal vibe for your wedding! One of the hottest trends with brides to be is flashing a pop of color underneath wedding gowns to make a statement or match bridesmaid dresses. Read on to learn how you can embrace royal blue wedding shoes for your upcoming wedding!

Sapphire Vs Midnight Blue Shoes For Wedding – Designer Trends

Blue Shoes For WeddingBlue shoes for wedding? Definitely a faux pas, right? Wrong! Now more than ever modern brides are turning their noses up at white, ivory, beige, and even silver shoes and are opting to provide a pop of color (and hope for some good luck) underneath their wedding gowns. Read on to learn why some brides are wearing blue shoes for wedding and how sapphire blue compares to midnight blue with brides who are opting to embrace this modern designer wedding trend.

Couture Bridal Shoes 2011 Trends

Couture Bridal ShoesCouture bridal shoes are a perfect match to any wedding dress. They also are a perfect match to any bride with custom designs to accommodate the need for wide width wedding shoes, or to match your dress or your bridesmaids’ dresses. “Sex in the City” lead Carrie Bradshaw popularized Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes by wearing them in blue. The blue wedding shoe craze in is full swing, but with couture bridal shoes, trending is expanding to other colors. Dyeable bridal shoes allow you to match your bridesmaid’s dress colors. If your dress is white, any color couture bridal shoes will match and stand out to show your personality. If you want to match your bridesmaids, but do not want the shoe to contrast with your dress, a floor length gown will hide the fun splash of color for most of the day.