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Top 10 Unique First Dance Wedding Songs You Must Consider!

Unique First Dance Wedding SongsIf you are looking for unique first dance wedding songs, look no farther. The top ten list below is filled with alternative wedding songs that will leave a special memory with every guest at your wedding. Modern weddings songs first dance options are varied as everyone has different music tastes, and different memories, but unique first dance wedding songs are always special as they make your first dance different from what your guests have seen at other weddings. Here is a list of unique first dance wedding songs:

1. A modern choice, and one of the most popular first dance weddings songs is “A Moment Like This” by Leona Lewis.

Top 10 Bizarre Alternative Wedding Songs You Won’t Believe!

Alternative Wedding SongsYour wedding is your special day, so if Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” is not amongst your wedding recessional songs, then so be it. Alternative wedding songs are your choice and the day will be very special because you chose memorable music. Whether you are looking for walking down the aisle songs, first dance songs, bagpipe wedding music or father-daughter wedding songs, alternative wedding songs are available for each category. Here is a list of the Top 10 Bizarre alternative wedding songs you won’t believe!

1. “Car Wash.” Yep, Car Wash.

Walking Down The Aisle Songs – Traditional Or Not?

Walking Down The Aisle Songs“Here Comes the Bride” has long been the traditional pick of walking down the aisle songs. In fact, the tradition started in 1858 when Princess Victoria married Prince Frederick of Prussia. Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” was widely accepted as a standard processional song and the tradition is still around today. When perusing your music for wedding options, you already have a lot to think about and it can be simpler to go with the obvious choice for walking down the aisle songs. There are wedding party introduction songs to think about, wedding cake cutting songs, first dance songs and reception songs to choose. However, there are many alternative wedding songs and you do not have to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride.”

Top 10 Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Father Daughter Wedding SongsOne of the most special moments in any wedding is the father daughter dance at the reception. When choosing music for wedding options, take some time to go over song choices with your dad for this unforgettable moment. As you look at unique first dance songs, ceremony recessional songs and even mother son dance songs wedding music selection can seem overwhelming. However, there are many father daughter wedding songs to choose from. There are father daughter weddings songs classic rock, jazz, pop, R&B and many, many more genres that have songs perfect for your moment to dance with your father. Here is a list of the top 10 father daughter weddings songs to help you choose:

Choosing Music For Wedding – Do’s And Dont’s!

Music For WeddingChoosing music for wedding of any size is a very involved task. There is the wedding recessional music to think about, cocktail and dinner hour music, a song to introduce the bridal party, the first dance and music to last all night! Music for wedding day mishaps occur all of the time. Miscommunications between the happy couple and the entertainer can disappoint both parties. The music for wedding for each part of your day
is something an entertainer, whether a D.J. or a bandleader does for a living and they want your reception to be everything you want it to be. Follow these Do’s and Dont’s when you are creating your wedding reception music playlists, and when choosing all of your songs, and the process should go a little smoother!