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10 Peacock Wedding Favors Ideas For A Posh Wedding

Peacock Wedding FavorsWhen you are planning, organizing and hosting a peacock themed wedding it would be but natural for you to choose peacock wedding favors. With their feathery elegant insignia, they will complement your wedding theme with their blue/green color tones. Here are our 10 peacock wedding favors ideas for your posh, royal and elegant looking wedding, that can be purchased online:

10 Eco Friendly Autumn Wedding Favors Ideas

Autumn Wedding FavorsAs a nature loving couple who is getting married in Autumn, you’d like to give away wedding favors that are eco-friendly. And why not? You are doing your bit for the planet Earth in your own way. You are protecting Mother Nature by adopting the green way. Here are 10 fabulous eco-friendly Autumn wedding favors that you can hand over to your guests as a token of appreciation for sharing your special day with you:

Most Expensive Wedding Invitations Ideas For A Fraction of The Cost

Expensive Wedding InvitationsExpensive wedding invitations are not hard to come by. Most couples spend a bomb on their wedding dresses, wedding venues and wedding menus, but when it comes to wedding invitations, they go cheapskate. Wedding invitation, an important element of a wedding is not just a piece of paper. It is the window of your joy and your wedding theme. Then why take a casual stance on wedding invitations, why go cheapskates when you can have access to myriads of most expensive wedding invitations for a fraction of a cost.

Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers Online – Top 10 Picks!

Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers Having a budget wedding, you have personally looked into and bought affordable wedding supplies. And now you are looking for cheap wedding cake toppers that reflect your personality and wedding theme but most importantly, one that comes within your budget. Here are 10 amazing ideas for different cheap wedding cake toppers online stores have to offer:

1. Why go for the “same-old, same-old”, “run-of-the-mill” cake toppers to keep your budget in check?

Cheap Personalized Wedding Favors Under Dollar Online

Cheap Personalized Wedding FavorsEvery other couple is penny pinched today. As a result, they find it hard to find cheap personalized wedding favors that are under one dollar. Well, you don’t need to search high to buy wedding favors that come under one dollar because many online stores sell them for cheap. We did the research for you. Here are some options for cheap wedding favors that you can get to thank your guests for sharing your most memorable day with you:

Cute Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas For A Fall Wedding

 Cheap Wedding Favors IdeasWhen looking for Fall inspired cheap wedding favors ideas, many to-be-married couples go bonkers. And why wouldn’t they? That near blinding burst and riots of colors in brilliant orange, yellows and gold! Those shockingly stunning deeper hues of flora and fauna! That whiff of cinnamon, candied apples, apple and cinnamon ciders, spice cake with caramelized pears and maple frosting! These sure do drive ‘em crazy. Want to know more? Read on for more cute cheap wedding favors ideas!

Creative Party Favors For Weddings Under Two Bucks

Party Favors For WeddingsParty favors for weddings come in all shapes and sizes. But there are times when you may feel it is unwise and unnecessary to splurge excessive amounts of money on them as you also have to keep the overall budget of your wedding in check. With an aim to ease out a couple’s dilemma, this article features some cheap wedding favors ideas for online shopping- a list of creative party favors for weddings which cost under two bucks:

Cheap Wedding Favors in Bulk – Where To Buy Online?

Cheap Wedding Favors in Bulk Wedding favors are a great way to express your gratitude towards your friends and family who came to share one of the happiest days of your life. These little tokens of appreciation could be anything from personalized soaps, lotions, candles, stationary and candy. But nothing says thank you more and shows respect as a nice bottle of wine or champagne. However, we know that buying 200 bottles for your guests can cost you a small fortune.

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas – Tree, Rocks and Wine Bottles!

Unique Wedding Guest Book IdeasWedding guest books are an honored and revered tradition that is being followed by couples since “God-knows-when”. However, in recent times it has undergone a complete makeover. Many couples are not going for the “same old, same old” guest books. Instead they are turning their attention towards unique wedding guest book ideas. Read on to find out more about how you can buy or DIY unique wedding guest books with a twist that will impress your guests.

Cheap Wedding Favor Boxes and Bags – 10 Best Online Retailers!

Cheap Wedding Favor BoxesA couple to be wed faces hundreds of choices to make before their big celebration, including what wedding favors to buy and how to wrap them. An average wedding gathers 100 to 130 guests, buying that many guest tokens of appreciation can cost you quite a bit of money. Despite a large number of guests you can still come up with tasteful and cheap wedding favor ideas that your guests will take home and actually put to good use.

Please take some time to browse through our top 10 list of best online retailers offering a wide assortment of small gifts and cheap wedding favor boxes and bags:

7 Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives Not To Miss

Wedding Guest Book AlternativesWedding guest books are a long-standing tradition, however some couples have offered very creative wedding guest book alternatives to their guests. There are some very unique wedding guest book ideas out there! If you are looking for unique touches to your wedding, such as custom wedding cards, or non-typical wedding music, wedding guest book alternatives might be something worthwhile to check out. You can theme your invitations, programs, and guest book so that they all portray the unique touches you are looking for. There are plenty of wedding ceremony program examples, and invitation samples for you too look at to get some fun and different ideas! Here are 7 unique wedding guest book alternatives not to miss:

Top 10 Most Bizarre Custom Wedding Cards Ideas

Custom Wedding CardsYour wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your special day that your friends and family will see. Ordering custom wedding cards can allow you to personalize the card and show your guests not only your commitment to each other, but your personalities as well. You can create custom wedding cards yourselves. By ordering the right wedding supplies invitations can be made from scratch (You can also produce a DIY wedding guest book with similar supplies, if you are looking at wedding guest book alternatives). With custom wedding cards, you can order or make fun, elegant, unique or bizarre wedding programs to match. In fact, you can search through wedding ceremony program examples, and custom wedding cards example, to give you some ideas for the look and feel you are seeking.

Eco Friendly Wedding Supplies

Eco Friendly Wedding SuppliesGreen weddings are a very popular “theme” when it comes to planning your special day. You do not have to sacrifice the look of your dream wedding to make green choices when deciding on which vendors you want to help with all of your wedding details. Eco friendly wedding supplies are easy to come by and will help you start your life together in a healthy way by making responsible and earth-friendly decisions. From your wedding invitations to your wedding dress, you can use eco friendly wedding supplies for every aspect of your special day.

The first thing your guests will see when it comes to your wedding is your wedding invitation.

Letterpress Personalized Stationery Review

Letterpress Personalized StationeryIf you are in the process of selecting your wedding invitations, you might feel a little overwhelmed. There are hundreds of companies and thousands of invite designs to choose from! Do you make your own invites? Custom order your save the dates? Should you consider eco-friendly wedding supplies and invite your guests online?

One kind of invitation that can accommodate a variety of wedding styles and themes is letterpress personalized stationary. You can send out a letterpress save the date, and send a more elaborate invitation after, or you can use letterpress personalized stationary for your entire wedding invitations (the save the date, the invite, the RSVP, thank you notes), especially if you are looking for classy wedding invitations.

Customized Wedding Invitations Review

Customized Wedding InvitationsCustomized wedding invitations, whether ordered or homemade, are a perfect way to let friends and family know when you are getting married. By customizing the invite, the invitation says more about you as a couple, and the path you have chosen together. If your budget calls for you to make the invitations, you can still have classy wedding invitations with the right wedding invitation supplies. Everything you need from the invitation, envelope, RSVP and RSVP envelope can by personalized to your style.

Custom weddings invitations are unique to your wedding.

7 Most Unusual Wedding Invitations Ideas For A Beach Wedding

Unusual Wedding InvitationsBeach weddings are fun to plan as you can be very creative and think outside of all the wedding boxes. From attire to catering, fun and unique touches are found in every aspect of beach weddings, including wedding invitations. If you are having a beach wedding, you can find funky wedding invitations, romantic or tropical invites and you can also use letterpress personalized stationary to ask your friends to join you for your wedding day. When ordering unusual wedding invitations, there are several options so that you make sure your unusual wedding invitations do not turn into expensive wedding invitations.

Classy Wedding Invitations With Ribbon Fresh Ideas

Classy Wedding InvitationsYour wedding invitation is your first step to your wedding planning, and the first hint for your guests of what is to come at your ceremony and reception. There are thousands and thousands of invitation designs to choose from and you can narrow down the decision with your wedding colors and personality. Personalized wedding stationery is the best way to add a touch of you and your fiancé into your invites. Unusual wedding invitations are a unique message to send and homemade wedding invitations are a sweet token of your intention to spend the rest of your life with your spouse-to-be. If you are leaning towards classy wedding invitations, satin ribbons will add more than a touch of class.

Homemade Wedding Favors – Do’s and Don’ts!

Homemade Wedding FavorsIf you are thinking about giving homemade wedding favors to your guests, there are some do’s and don’ts for you to consider. While you want to thank your guests for their love and support of your union, you do not want to break the bank and sacrifice in other areas of your wedding. Especially when there are affordable options! Here are some helpful suggestions when making your homemade wedding favors.

DO: Look into homemade wedding favors in lieu of ordering pre-made favors. Not only will they be more cost-effective, they will create a special memory when you sit down to make them.

Top 10 Mexican Wedding Favors

Mexican Wedding FavorsMexican wedding favors are fun to give to your wedding guests and can be simple to create. Depending on your guest list, wedding favors can be expensive, so homemade wedding favors make for a fun time and an affordable gift. There are many fun and spicy options when choosing Mexican wedding favors. Here is a list of the top 10:

1. Wedding candy favors are easy to give away as Mexican wedding favors as you can have a customized piñata at your reception. Not only will your guests receive candy, they will have a fun time retrieving it!

Wedding Candy Favors Personalized Holders Ideas

Wedding Candy FavorsWedding candy favors are a favorite at any wedding. They are affordable, easy to order or make and they are a “sweet” touch to your wedding day! Whether you order them customized or create your wedding candy favors yourselves, you cannot go wrong with candy as a small gift to your guests. Sugary almond bombonieres are an elegant favorite as a sweet wedding favor, however any sugary treat that you decide to give your guests with be received with gratitude.

For unique wedding favor ideas, if you create a personalized holder you can place any candy or sweet snack inside.