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Bridal Shower

10 Best Bridal Shower Games Ideas Ever!

By January 23, 2013No Comments

Best Bridal Shower GamesEntertain your guests with the best bridal shower games. You can find a variety of ideas for games to complement a variety of bridal shower themes. Here are our top ten bridal shower games ideas to play at your upcoming shower:

1. Have your maid of honor set a timer when you begin opening gifts. Once the timer goes off, award the guest whose gift you are opening with a prize! This is one of the most simple game ideas to play for brides-to-be who don’t want to play classic bridal shower games and whose girlfriends love giveaways!

2. Create wedding tic tac toe boards using bridal shower clip art. Once a gift is opened, guests place an X over the object if they have it on their board. The first guest to get three in a row wins!

3. One of the most popular and fun bridal shower games ideas is to split your guests into 3 teams. Direct them to use toilet paper only to design a wedding dress and wrap it on one “bride” on each team. The bride-to-be gets to choose the best design! Don’t forget to use a timer for this game as girls do tend to get into an ultra creative mode during this game and can easily lose track of time!

4. If you are having a buck and doe bridal shower, a fun game to play is, “How well do you know your partner?”. You can invite married or dating couples to play. Interview each couple first and then reveal their answers after the couples try to give the answer they think their partner would say! It’s sure to get lots of laughs! This game is also popular at engagement parties.

5. Purchase or make scrambled wedding word lists. Allow your guests to work on them throughout the shower. Whoever unscrambles to most wedding words wins a prize.

6. One of the best bridal shower games ideas involves designing a bouquet. As the bride unwraps the paper, bows, and ribbons from her gifts, the bridal party can distribute them to each table. After all of the gifts are unwrapped, each table constructs a bouquet for the bride to use for her rehearsal. The team wins if the bride chooses their recycled creation!

7. Weigh that purse! Very simple and cute, obtain each guests’ purse, weigh it using a spring scale, and award prizes for the lightest and heaviest purse!

8. Have an advice drawing. One of the best bridal shower games ideas that is especially favored by older female attendees is to have each guest write advice for the bride to be on an index card. Place the cards in an album for the bride to cherish. Have the bride close her eyes, flip to a page, and pull an index card out of the album. After reading the advice, the writer receives a prize. Repeat four more times!

9. Have a ring hunt. Hide ring pops all around your venue. The woman who finds the most rings wins a prize!

10. Put your memory to the test. Have guests stand in a circle. One guest begins by naming something that has to do with a wedding or marriage that begins with the letter a. The next guest repeats this process and the “a” word, while giving an answer that starts with the letter b. Continue this process until one person forgets a word or loses track of the letter that you are on.

If you are in need of the best bridal shower games, try playing some listed above at your upcoming shower!

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