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10 Cheap Beach Wedding Hair Pieces For Short Hair Ideas

By December 10, 2012No Comments

Wedding Hair PiecesIf you have short hair, you can embellish it in a number of ways for your special day using many unique hair pieces -you certainly are not limited! There are many wedding hair pieces that can be added to your hair for your beach day wedding that will not only look great, but make your wallet happy as well. Read on to learn about 10 cheap but stylish hair pieces ideas for beach wedding hairstyles.

1. If you want to make your beach bridal hair shine, consider adding a few bobby pins that have had individual rhinestones hot glued to their ends. This is an easy and cheap way to add instant shine to strands without breaking the bank!

2. Flower hair pieces for weddings are very popular hair pieces that are very affordable. There are a number of websites that boast floral clips for $20 or less. You can even make your own by purchasing an artificial flower and hot gluing it onto a barrette.

3. Why not tuck a real flower behind your ear? Nothing is more affordable or chic than adding a fresh flower to a short hairstyle. Simply ask your florist to give you one flower that matches your bouquet with a long strand to pin or tuck behind your ear!

4. Add some ribbon. This can also be incorporated with wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids. Create a small braid by parting your short hair in a deep side part and intertwine ribbon though it, leaving a few loose strands allowing them to blow in the breeze of the ocean.

5. Wear a sea inspired barrette. Show off you personality and creativity but hot gluing a few very small shells onto a plain barrette and clipping it into your short strands!

6. Feather trend alert! Feathers are very popular wedding hair pieces that can easily be clipped into hair of all lengths.

7. Wear a bridal fascinator. This can serve as a hair accessory and a veil, which is perfect for short hair and beach weddings, as it will not have any contact with sand or surf!

8. If you do not want to wear wedding hair pieces in the form of a barrette or clip in your short hair, add a small, vintage cap to your look. This is great for vintage loving brides who want to capture a by the sea look of the 50’s and 60’s on their wedding day.

9. Wear a turquoise headband on your short hair for your by the sea wedding. It will give you look a pop of color that will complement your backdrop-the beautiful blue ocean!

10. Tie in a silky headband. Many tie feature headbands are easy to add to and remove from short, cropped hair and are relatively cheap. Many of these silky bands contain rhinestones, feathers, or flowers to complement your personal style and venue.

Wedding hair pieces do not need to be expensive. Try some of the cheap ideas above to complement short hair styles and beach wedding ceremonies and receptions!

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