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10 Cheap But Chic Wedding Headbands With Ribbon Ideas

By December 9, 2012No Comments

Wedding Headbands With RibbonWedding headbands with ribbon are a growing trend with today’s brides to be. Not only are they sophisticated and chic, they are a super affordable idea for brides on a budget. In fact, most online bridal retailer websites you visit sell these easy to wear and pair headbands in the price range of $12-$50. Here are 10 cheap but chic ideas that incorporate these ribbon headpieces into your big day’s look.

1. It’s simple to incorporate wedding hairstyles with headband made of ribbon. Try wearing your hair pulled back into a low and loose pony tail. Simply tie a jewel embellished ribbon headband around the center of your scalp, fastening it into a bow at the nape of your neck.

2. Opt for wedding headbands with ribbon that feature a feather. It is easy to tie into wedding hairstyles and will enhance wavy and curly textures.

3. Wear black ribbon wedding hair bands that boast a feather embellishment and a short, netted veil. This will add instant and affordable elegance, drama, and style to the simplest of hairstyles.

4. Choose a headband that has loose strands of ribbon that you can weave throughout a loose braid. This will complement Boho chic wedding looks and serves as an affordable yet minimal hair accessory.

5. Tie in wedding headbands with ribbon that feature an oversized flower and wear in on one side of the head, creating an interesting and formal asymmetrical look that can be worn with and without a veil.

6. Choosing and wearing a plain, satin headband with ribbon adds a focal point, drawing attention to a shoulder length veil.

7. Opt for a print like polka dots or stripes on a band to tie in some playful style to your wedding day look.

8. Wear a ribbon headband that is the same color as your bridesmaids’ dresses. This idea will pull together your wedding party color scheme and add a little color to your own look.

9. Choose a headband that boasts beautiful baubles. Colored jewel toned stones as some sparkle, shine, and color to your wedding day hair do and neutral look.

10. Choose a headpiece that is home to clear rhinestones of varying sizes and shapes. It will glimmer in the light and complement any sparkle on your gown.

There are a number of ideas for wedding headbands with ribbon you can easily tie into your wedding hairstyle that will complete your ensemble while not draining your bank account!

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