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10 Cheap Unique Engagement Party Favors Ideas

By December 2, 2012No Comments

Engagement Party FavorsEngagement party favors are a must! These tiny trinkets say thank you for sharing in our special day. While they can be very expensive, there are certainly engagement favors that are also cheap while remaining unique. Read on to learn about 10 good engagement gifts to give to your guests to show them your appreciation.

1. You can learn how to make your own wine as a couple’s activity. Then, you can bottle the wine produced in mini bottles to hand out as thank you gifts for engagement party. You will also have enough wine to serve at your wedding to help you cut back on the beverage tab!

2. Order packs of matches in bulk that are featured in your wedding party colors and the message “The Perfect Match” with couple’s names.

3. If your guests are giving you the best engagement gifts, you want to give your guests the best thank you presents. While you may not have a large budget to do this, you can gift each person a lottery ticket. Some may win it big!

4. Let your guests box their own engagement party favors by having a candy bar set up by the door. You can buy lots of candy in bulk and display them in various vases and dishes.

5. If you grow your own herbs, bag some for each guest and include a unique recipe using the herbs.

6. Prior to your event, can your own gourmet pickles in decorative mason jars. They make great engagement party favors for country themed parties and weddings.

7. If your party is taking place around the holidays hand each guest an ornament as a thank you. Many ornaments can be purchased in packs of 12 and can even be bought on holiday sale.

8. Write a poem such as “Thanks for your excite-mint, Here is something for your enjoy-mint!” Attach it to a peppermint patty!

9. Bake gourmet cookies and package them in wrappers that are the colors to be featured at your wedding.

10. Learn how to make your own soap and package it according to your party’s theme or time of year with fabric.

These engagement party favors are affordable and fun. Choose one above to ensure something unique for each of your guests.

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