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Bridesmaid Dresses

10 Chic Spring Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

By August 26, 2012No Comments

Spring Bridesmaid Dresses Spring is a time for new life to begin and grow. What a wonderful time to get married, as you embark on a new beginning as a married couple. In order for your dream day to look perfect, here are 10 chic spring bridesmaid dresses ideas:

1. Raspberry bridesmaid dresses look fresh and crisp for spring weddings. When worn with a floral dress embellishment and rhinestone accessories, you have a winning look.

2. Coral bridesmaid dresses are ideal for weddings on the border between spring and summer. They look cute and playful featured on short dresses, and elegant when draped into a long dress, perfect for a wedding outdoors or on a beach.

3. Royal blue bridesmaid dresses demand attention and complement bold and bright yellow flowers in bouquets. Their cool tones also pair nicely with silver accessories and shoes.

4. Printed bridesmaid dresses are popular picks for spring bridesmaid dresses. Worn in a bright and neutral color combination such as fuchsia and white, or as muted floral patterns, they make great outdoor wedding dresses for bridesmaids.

5. Light teal also has the ability to incorporate its retro color into a modernly designed dress, creating the ultimately chic and sleek look for spring bridesmaid dresses.

6. Shift style dresses are growing in popularity, especially with Hollywood starlets. The chic and streamlined look can be worn in any color and makes a wonderful bridesmaid dress for spring. They look simple, sweet, and demure.

7. Retro dresses are making a huge comeback and are being worn during every season for weddings. Funky prints, bright colors, and staggered and short hemlines make these dresses unique and interesting for spring weddings.

8. Pale yellow dresses are great to be worn for spring weddings. They are light, airy, and give off a happy vibe, which is very appropriate considering the occasion. They look lovely when paired with gold accessories or feather accents.

9. Paisley prints paired with sunflowers is the ultimate look for bridesmaids in a casual outdoor, ranch or farm setting. Bright or muted cowboy boots add a touch of style and charm.

10. Pale pink and ivory tones complement a vintage wedding theme. Lace, bows, sashes, and even brooches can accompany the antiquated but pretty look. Short or tea length hem lines look best on these spring bridesmaid dresses.

Spring boasts new beginnings, warming temperatures, and beautiful bridesmaid dresses!

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