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10 Country Rustic Wedding Cakes Ideas For Barn Wedding

By March 7, 2017January 11th, 2018No Comments

Rustic Wedding CakesIf you are having a barn wedding, then you need to start browsing rustic wedding cakes ideas! These hearty desserts will not only taste delicious, but fit right in with your other country themed, rustic wedding décor. Here are 10 ideas for rustic wedding cakes that you should definitely give some consideration to!

1. Serve up your round, layered cake on a small tree stump! Nothing gets more rustic than that! Be sure to top it with sunflowers or other country inspired cheap wedding cake toppers.

2. Some other unique ideas when it comes to rustic wedding cakes is designing it in a fondant icing that is tinted and designed to look like tree bark. You can have your initials etched into the center of the desert, surrounded by a heart; just like you would see on trees.

3. You may also consider wrapping each layer in twine and placing a faux bird’s nest on top. This is completely an antiquated design and will complement the rest of your vintage décor, and your bridal party attire, especially vintage flower girl dresses and vintage groomsmen suits.

4. Country wedding cake cutting songs need country bridal cakes. Consider choosing an over-sized apple pie that you can stick a whimsical plaid paper flag into that boasts your married monogram.

5. Another one of rustic ideas to consider is a basic white sheet cake with a horse shoe place in the middle of its design.

6. You can also place a cowboy hat on top of your tiered cakes to give it come fresh, country flare.

7. If you are looking for unique, rustic wedding cakes ideas that will be very appropriate for a barn yard wedding, have your baker place black and white cow spots all over the desert!

8. You may even wish to have a cake created in the shape of a cowboy boot for country loving couples!

9. Keeping your cakes design simple by having your initials created out of twine and placing them on the top layer of your desert to serve as cake toppers.

10. Place pine cones around the cakes’ design and arrange beige colored ribbon around each layer’s base to create a hearty country treat.

Consider the great ideas above for country inspired desert serving at your barn venue wedding.

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