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Bridal Shower

10 Couples Wedding Shower Party Favors Ideas On A Budget

By September 13, 2012No Comments

Wedding Shower Party Favors Often referred to as “bridal shower, or “couples shower” or “co-ed shower” or “Jack and Jill shower”, a wedding shower starts by planning, organizing wedding menus, wedding gifts and especially wedding shower party favors. These favors are chosen and bought either by the bridesmaid/best man or the couple-to-be-married. A wedding shower is often planned by taking inspiration from the many bridal shower themes and incorporating more manly features to create a more co-ed atmosphere.

When talking about wedding shower party favors, it is usually based on the wedding theme the couple had chosen. For e.g. if a couple chooses to have a “stock the pantry” for their wedding shower, they can opt for either edible items like candies or lollipops or brownie pops or cup cakes. And if the couple feels that they need to give away their own token of love and gratitude i.e. personalized bridal shower favors they can have it personalized with either their names printed or engraved or with a symbol of their choice.

Bridal shower favors ideas are aplenty which can be bought either online or at the nearest bridal stores. However, if the couple is looking for wedding shower party favors that come within their budget, there are many online stores where they can buy their favors either in bulk or at retail prices. Below are our 10 couples wedding shower party favors ideas on a budget:

1. Bottle stopper: This stopper which can be bought at Accenttheparty features a pair of realistic looking pears made of poly resin. It comes with a personalized engraving that says “A Perfect Pair”. It is further accented with dotted rhinestones and has a conical shaped black rubber gasket.

2. Scented soaps: Available at Accenttheparty, this pair of fragrant soaps is what best expresses your love.

3. Shot glasses: You can buy these at Accenttheparty and they can also be used as small candle holders. They can be further personalized by printing the couple’s names.

4. Salt and pepper shakers: These party favors come in shapes of conch and shell, love birds, bride and groom. Usually made from ceramic, they are not only whimsical but quite practical and handy in a day to day life.

5. Candles: These come in myriad shapes and sizes i.e. pear shaped, flip-flop shaped, swan candles. Perfect for wedding shower party favors, these candles are available in many online stores.

6. Tuxedo and gown favor boxes: Available in many budget online stores, these boxes are quite snazzy and come in the shapes of tuxedos and gowns. One can fill them up with candies or sweetened almonds and can be personalized with the couple’s names printed on it.

7. Pens: Favorfavor brings this one of the most practical yet unique wedding shower party favors ideas for the budget couple. This pen shows four customized messages every time one clicks it.

8. Fans: Weddingfavors offers this fan. It has a beautiful and delicate deep pink cherry blossom design branches with a bamboo handle. It can also be personalized with the couple’s names.

9. Coasters: A set of coasters made from glass is perfect to be given away as useful couples party favors. You can have the bride’s stunning gown imprint on one coaster and the groom’s crisp tux on the other coaster.

10. Locket keychain: Discountweddingfavors offers this locket keychain for the couple who prefers personalized wedding favor ideas for their gifts. This party gift comes in a swirl pattern and when opened it has a mirror on one side and on the other side it has the couple’s photo.

And finally, remember that although the invited guests bring their own chosen gifts for the couple, it may however be more appropriate and sensible to give the couple gifts that reflect their personalities or tastes. And if the wedding shower is theme based, it would better for the guests to buy theme based gifts, one which suits the theme. Personalized bridal shower gifts (or in this case couples wedding shower gifts) are always a fantastic idea, too.

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