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10 Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas For Facebook

By December 5, 2012No Comments

Engagement Announcement IdeasToday, you are seeing fewer and fewer engagement announcements put in local newspapers. Many modern brides and grooms are announcing their special moment on Facebook, so all of their friends and family members can see their big news instantly. Read on to learn about 10 creative engagement announcement ideas that you could consider for sharing your big news with the world!

1. The bride can create a catchy poem to post on her wall. Poem engagement announcement examples could be something like, “Guess what? Bryan asked me if I’d be his for eternity!” You can change the name of the partner and it is quick, catchy, and cute!

2. Share your engagement photo if someone was able to snap a quick pic of the moment. Some unique engagement photo ideas are to ask servers to take a picture if proposing in a restaurant, or even a tour guide if proposing by horseback or at a winery.

3. Post an image of your engagement ring and write, “Guess who’s getting married?”

4. Some other popular engagement announcement ideas for Facebook include posting a video clip of the proposal. There are many proposal ideas for men that include setting up a hidden video camera to capture the special moment digitally to treasure forever!

5. Post one of your favorite quotes (funny or serious) about marriage and then make your special news after the quote.

6. Create a who, what, where, when, and why scenario giving information about your day. For example you could vertically post, Who: Eric What: Proposed to me! When: July 23, Why: Isn’t it obvious? Where: Horseback riding in Vermont, How: The ring was waiting for me on the saddle!

7. Some other popular but unique engagement announcement ideas for Facebook include posting 3 pictures of the event and creating a poll, asking Facebook friends to vote for their favorite engagement picture of the couple’s special day. It is a way to announce the big news, share some photos, and encourage comments and interaction between users.

8. Post a save the date on your wall, not only announcing your engagement, but the set date for your upcoming wedding!

9. Add a countdown and an image of your ceremony or reception venue on your page that states something like, “Only 200 days until our wedding!” That is sure to get a surprised and sudden response from friends on Facebook!

10. Share a video of you and your partner talking directly to the Facebook audience sharing your special news, rather than posting a written announcement. It makes a more personal connection and impact on friends and family members.

These engagement announcement ideas are unique and perfect to post on Facebook for friends and family members!

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