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10 Cute Engagement Photo Poses Ideas On The Beach

By December 3, 2012No Comments

Engagement Photo PosesIf you are thinking about getting engagement photographs taken on the beach, there are some cute engagement photo poses to consider. Read on to learn about how some of the cutest beach poses make the best engagement photos.

1. Find some photographers in Miami FL that will take you to some of the hot spots in the city. From mansions, to yachts, and even private beach front cabanas; you can certainly pose portrait style with amazing backgrounds like these!

2. Some other engagement picture ideas include collecting seashells and sand dollars on the beach, early in the morning. The lighting will look amazing, and your photographer can capture the special moment shared with an informal pose or with the two of you crouching down smiling, as you search for shells in the surf.

3. Palm trees also make a great background prop to lean up against for engagement portraits (just watch out for falling coconuts)!

4. Some of the best couples’ photos are action shots. Have your photographer capture a moment when the both of you pose in the ocean while snorkeling, surfing, or kayaking.

5. Other engagement photo poses to consider have a whimsical, playful feel. The two of you can sit on the sand and your partner can hand you a shell with the engagement ring sitting in it!

6. Pose in matching beach chairs, looking out at the ocean smiling. It will set a happy, laid back tone and is one of the most unique engagement photo poses for a beach setting.

7. Draw a heart in the sand and write, “We’re engaged!” Pose holding hands on the outside of the heart, or pose bent over, pretending to write and draw the image in the sand.

8. Allow your photographer to capture a posed moment of not just your face, but a body part. Nothing looks cuter than two sets of feet nuzzled together in the sand.

9. Pose in front of the ocean and have the photographer zoom in, focusing on your eyes and face, gazing out toward the ocean during dusk.

10. Pose on the end of the pier at dusk holding each other. Ask your photographer to capture this image from a distance; illustrating two separate figures uniting to become one unit via embrace.

There are many cute engagement photo poses to consider if you are having pictures taken on the beach.

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