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10 Eco Friendly Autumn Wedding Favors Ideas

By September 24, 2012No Comments

Autumn Wedding FavorsAs a nature loving couple who is getting married in Autumn, you’d like to give away wedding favors that are eco-friendly. And why not? You are doing your bit for the planet Earth in your own way. You are protecting Mother Nature by adopting the green way. Here are 10 fabulous eco-friendly Autumn wedding favors that you can hand over to your guests as a token of appreciation for sharing your special day with you:

1. Soy Candles
Soy candles as wedding favors are gaining momentum these days. A favorite among nature loving people, these candles have the amazing properties of burning three times longer than any traditional candle. Not only these candles are clean, they also produce a much stronger fragrance than other candles and don’t leave black residues.

2. Engraved Wooden Chopsticks
Traditionally a must for an Asian wedding, you too can now bring a small touch of the Orient to your special day. Sushi lovers are taking over the world, so why not give your guests a set of reusable wooden chopsticks with a personalized laser engraved message on them?

3. Eco-Friendly Coasters
Made from bamboo, an eco-friendly and sustainable wood, these coasters will make excellent wedding favors for your Autumn ceremony. Did you know that the Chinese believe that bamboo is a symbol of luck and success? And it is considered even luckier when it is received as a gift. Isn’t that just one of the most awesome and thoughtful favor ideas?

4. Scented Pine Cones
Among the eco-friendly wedding supplies that you can give away for your Autumn wedding are eco-friendly scented pine cones. Perfect as autumn wedding favors, these can be either bought at a store or can be made right at home. Though cinnamon is the preferred fragrance essential oil, you can even have them in apple, orange, peppermint or nutmeg fragrance.

5. “Hand in Hand” Bamboo Salad Server Set
One of the most practical and thoughtful Autumn wedding favors ideas! This is quite a handy and useful set for anyone that can comes handy in day to day lives. Made from bamboo, the eternal, sustainable wood, this will make an excellent culinary gadget and favor for those who love to show off their culinary skills.

6. Potpourri
Quite cost effective and biodegradable, potpourri makes for excellent eco-friendly gifts for wedding guests. Never out of vogue, this wedding favor is a blend of different flower petals that have been dried out. A charming and lovely item, it produces fragrance in the air, soothes and pleases the ambiance of homes as well.

7. Edibles
Looking for cheap personalized wedding favors ideas? What’s better than edible wedding favors? You have a lot of options when it comes to edible wedding favors as such you can either buy chocolates, candy and cookies. The all time favorite for many people, these edible wedding favors are sure shot ways to delight your guests as well as keep a tab on your budget.

8. Seeds
There couldn’t be more sensible wedding favors ideas than seeds. Promoting eco-friendliness and eco-consciousness, seeds are the perfect Autumn wedding favors. These favors are not only inexpensive they also create an awareness towards our Mother Nature.

9. Drawstring Bags
One of the most unexpected wedding favors ideas are drawstring bags. Available in linen and muslin fabrics, you can surprise your guests by putting goodies of your choice. You can even have them personalized with your designs and text of your choice.

10. Scented Soaps
You can also give away eco-friendly scented soaps. Made from nature’s bounty, these scented soaps are not only beautiful but also promote eco-friendliness.

Since you had decided to go with Autumn wedding favors, you perhaps also considered eco-friendly wedding invitations for your wedding to keep in line with the nature-loving theme. If you are still looking for great ideas, there are many options to choose from such as wedding invitations made from recycled paper or from a variety of plants like hemp, bamboo, and cotton. Though the latter are more expensive wedding invitations than the recycled ones, they give out an elegant, refined and classy look. Thanks for appreciating the Mother Nature!

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