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10 Engagement Proposal Ideas For Men In NYC!

By November 26, 2012No Comments

Engagement Proposal IdeasIf you and your partner share a love for the exciting city of New York, it may be the perfect place for your engagement! Read on to learn about some engagement proposal ideas for men in New York City!

1. Take a cruise around Ellis Island. Romantic views and delicious dinner cruise food are sure to set a perfect center stage for an engagement proposal.

2. Another one among great will you marry me ideas can take place in the Times Square. You can pay to flash a message on one of the digital bulletin boards. Why not flash an image of your face and the words, “Will you marry me?” It is the perfect back drop for pictures and will completely take your partner by surprise!

3. If you are into romantic marriage proposals, give your partner the fairy tale engagement they deserve by taking a horse drawn carriage ride around Central Park.

4. One of the best marriage proposals can take place at the top of the Empire State Building. You will not only feel like you two are on the top of the world because of the amazing view, but because you are taking the next step in your life together.

5. Some of the engagements can take place on a street in the Diamond District. You can ask your partner for their hand in marriage, and shop together for some of the world’s most remarkable rings. The Diamond District has every kind of ring you can image, especially an Edwardian engagement ring, which is a popular style of ring for men to wear!

6. If you are in need of more engagement proposal ideas for men in the Big Apple, you can attend a Broadway show. During intermission, ask the operating manager of the theater if you can make an engagement announcement on stage.

7. Visit some bakeries! Before making your trip to New York City, call your favorite bakery in the city and ask them if they can create a cookie cake to place in the display window that says your partner’s name and ask if they will marry you. As the two of you walk by, you can comment on how ironic that is, and pull out a ring!

8. If the two of you have never visited NYC before, you can incorporate one of the best engagement proposal ideas. Contact the tour guide prior to the tour and ask them to call you up to make an announcement in the middle of the tour.

9. For true New York City night life connoisseurs, booking a table in the VIP section of your favorite club could be a great idea. After enjoying some drinks and dancing, be sure to pop the question as the VIP waitress brings out a bottle of champagne with a lit sparkler on top!

10. Taking a Sex and the City tour of all of the places Carrie Bradshaw frequented during the show’s long run is among the top engagement proposal ideas to consider. Propose to your partner on the steps of Carrie’s apartment where she waited for Mr. Big! It will be a magical moments as fans and partners!

These unique and creative engagement proposal ideas for men are simple to set up and will be a moment that you will always remember!

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