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10 Facts About Dyeable Bridal Shoes You Must Know Before Buying

By November 28, 2012No Comments

Dyeable Bridal ShoesDyeable bridal shoes are a great way to ensure a perfect color match for fun wedding shoes to wear under your gown or for bridesmaids to match or enhance their bridesmaid dresses. Read on to learn about 10 facts about dyeable bridal shoes you must know before you invest in a pair.

1. Only purchase a pair of dyeable shoes that are made of satin or silk fabrics and treated with a solution that allows the delicate fabrics to soak up dye. Blue satin shoes are most popularly being worn by brides and bridesmaids.

2. Dyeable shoes are sold as white satin shoes. They should never have any color applied to them as this will interfere with your perfect color you are trying to achieve. You can even wear them as is or dye them to create ivory satin wedding shoes.

3. You can have embellishments on your dyeable bridal shoes. Feel free to opt for crystals and other sparkling details. They will not be affected by dye.

4. Dyeable shoes are not cheap bridesmaid shoes. You are paying for quality and to get the exact hue that you need, so accept nothing less!

5. Choose a company that will send you a fabric swatch to view in person before you go through with the purchase and dying process. You should also check to make sure the swatch actually matches up with the shoes’ tint when you finally do receive them.

6. You can purchase a variety of dyeable shoes that are featured in various styles and that have different heel lengths to meet the needs of your bridal party.

7. Some brides like a two toned look. It is not wise to get this effect on dyeable shoes. The colors tend to blend into each other and most vendors also discourage this option.

8. Be aware that the dyed shoes appearance will vary when worn in natural and event lighting.

9. Treat the shoes with water repellent if you are having an outdoor wedding. If any water splashes on the shoes, the color may bleed and ruin your shoes!

10. You can reuse them! Dyeable shoes can be dyed a darker color up to 3 times, depending on the brand you choose!

Be sure to read up on dyeable bridal shoes before making a purchase for your wedding day. The facts above will give you some background knowledge to help you select the right dyeable shoes for you and your bridal party.

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