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10 Fall Wedding Reception Ideas For Decorating Without Fresh Flowers

By September 8, 2012September 25th, 2012No Comments

Fall Wedding Reception IdeasOk, so you are about to be married in the Fall and your head is reeling with million myriad ideas for your wedding and especially your Fall wedding reception ideas. You might have scoured every wedding magazine and visited every wedding website for that perfect theme. But your search has come to a dud. Now Fall being a difficult season for flowers, you are at your wit’s end as to how to go about your Fall wedding table decorations. But did you know that you can have an autumn themed wedding without having to use fresh flowers? Read on these 10 great tips to make your wedding as well as your reception a grand and memorable affair that goes easy on your pockets:

1. Couldn’t get your hands on fresh autumn wedding flowers? How about trying artificial and fabric flowers? You can opt for budget friendly artificial flowers like satin, organza, silk, burlap, lace or even net.

2. Confetti is another fabulous option which not only looks fun but also classic when it comes to Fall wedding reception ideas. There are many varieties like bells, hearts and flowers, baubles, paper etc. Sprinkle the confetti on the tables randomly and watch your reception ambience go from dull to colorful.

3. Another one of quite an inexpensive Fall wedding reception ideas is decorative balls. they are available in assortments of gold, silver accented balls, mosaic, glittery and many more. Just arrange them on the table and see your ambience go lively!

4. How can anyone forget pumpkins! Did you know that one the fabulous Fall wedding reception ideas are pumpkins? These brilliant hued veggies make up for your need for fresh flowers. Scoop the pumpkins and carve figurines or the couple’s names in them. Or simply scoop out the pumpkins and fill them with hued autumn leaves. Isn’t that cool? Sprinkling candy or more leaves and fruits will superbly bring the autumn aura.

5. Arrange dried corn stalks or dried or fresh wheat grass stalks for your Fall wedding decorating ideas. Just take a few stalks of dried wheat or corn. Tie a ribbon tightly around it and set them up in the center of the table. Scatter berries, dried maple leaves, pine corns to enhance the look.

6. Try experimenting with dried branches like Manzanita. Manzanita branches are now a much sought after element for Fall weddings. Becoming increasingly popular, they come in many breathtaking shapes and sizes that can be can be decorated and customized. A beauty in its own!

7. Place assorted potpourri in small decorative balls all around the table which will heighten not only your sense but also the ambience. Available in small sachets as well as in large quantities, these are a much better option than fresh flowers.

8. Another sensible option for your Fall wedding reception ideas are scented candles. Buy candles which have essential oils like orange and bergamot to promote energy and vitality or use vanilla and lavender which are calm and relaxing.

9. Cornucopia which is symbolic to Fall can also be incorporated in your reception. Fill them up with either ornamental or real fruits along with some artificial flowers or foliage.

10. Grape vines too can be a part of your ideas for decorating. Twine these vines together, place them all over the table evenly and strew some hued autumn leaves to create a masterpiece for your reception.

We have just given you some basic ideas and tips for starters. However, you know best. Try experimenting with more options; let those creative juices come out of you! And make your day a multi hued affair!

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