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10 Fall Wedding Table Decorations Ideas For A Vintage Wedding

By September 22, 2012No Comments

Fall Wedding Table Decorations IdeasMany snub it off as passé or old school, but there’s a certain charm about Fall vintage weddings and related decor like Fall wedding table decorations, and to-be-married couples are certainly gravitating towards it. It makes one go “AWW”, “WOW”! Truly complementing the rich, brilliant vibrant hues of Fall, this rustic wedding décor mellow down the atmosphere of the wedding. So how to incorporate wedding centerpiece ideas and how to choose the Fall wedding table decorations that truly stand out and look fantastic? Well, here are our 10 Fall wedding table decoration ideas for your vintage wedding to help you get started:

1. One of the Fall wedding reception ideas that one can incorporate is a vintage cornucopia. Add a dash of color and creativity by filling the horn of plenty with fresh fall flowers like posies, dahlias, orchids etc. sprinkled with maple or oak leaves or dried wheat springs all around it.

2. Lanterns are another one of vintage wedding decoration ideas that have found a place in vintage wedding themes. These whimsical décors add style and class that are reminiscent of the Victorian era.

3. Mason jars continue to reign supreme and will always do when it comes to vintage themed decorations. These simple and fun centerpieces are affordable and are available right in your kitchen! Throw in a candle or fresh flowers or fruits to make the décor of your vintage themed wedding attractive, bright, beautiful and fragrant.

4. Another perfect and gorgeous element to Fall wedding table decorations is votives. Available in cornhusk, cinnamon stick, hand painted or votives with eyelet or lace fabrics, they make unique statements which are not only aesthetically pleasing but very functional and decorative.

5. Adding a charming touch to your Fall wedding decorations is vintage birdcages. A chic vintage wedding décor idea, it infuses life and color when filled with fresh and bright vibrant flowers and sprinkled with moss balls, maple and oak leaves and candles.

6. Add dried or fresh wheat grass stalks as your centerpieces. Here’s how you can do it: Take stalks of dried wheat stalks along with fresh flowers. Tie a ribbon tightly around it and set them up in the center of the table. Scatter flowers or berries, maple leaves, pine corns to enhance the look.

7. Burlap. Yes, you read it right. Don’t rubbish it off as a gunny bag. It is now used not only as a table runner but also made into roses etc..

8. Depicting warmth and love, candelabrums, true reminiscent of Victorian era, have for decades beautified many weddings and wowed your guests.

9. Think vintage. Think lace. These intricate and whimsical elements, omnipresent in a vintage wedding decorations are available in the form of doilies, napkins, flowers, runners and what not!

10. A great centerpiece for a vintage styled wedding is the biscuit and tea cans that come in unique shapes and sizes. These biscuit and tea cans bring back the old-fashioned charm to the reception table with their beautiful ornamentation and lettering.

These are just a few ideas so let your imagination and creativity take over you. Now whether you hire a wedding planner or plan to organize it yourself, these Fall wedding table decorations are sure to create a mystic aura for your wedding reception as well as to catch the attention of your guests when they first walk into the reception hall.

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