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10 Fun Unique Engagement Photo ideas

By November 24, 2012No Comments

Unique Engagement Photo IdeasIf you decide to get engagement photographs taken, be sure that they are innovative, capture your personalities, and set a tone for your upcoming wedding. Read on to learn about 10 fun and unique engagement photo ideas that you may wish to discuss with your photographer.

1. Everyone wants to take unique engagement pictures. Why not recreate the scene of the initial proposal? Many couples are unable to capture this private moment on film, so hire a photographer who will travel to the location of your proposal and will help you pose as if you are getting engaged all over again!

2. For residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, you can hire a San Francisco engagement photography company that will incorporate some of the sights and sounds of the big city. The two of you can be captured riding the trolley, strolling on the Golden Gate Bridge, or even walking through China Town holding hands!

3. If you live near the Florida beach, there are many photographers in Jacksonville FL who will help you capture your special moment. Consider posing around a fire pit at night, wrapped up in cable knit blankets, roasting marshmallows.

4. You also have to try some country engagement photo ideas if you live in a rural area or are planning to host a country themed wedding. Pose casually or formally on horses, or get playful in some hay! A farm can be a great setting to capture some unique poses.

5. More unique engagement photo ideas include a frame and a tree! Hang a colorful, ornate, oversized frame from a tree branch, and pose inside the frame! It makes a great Facebook photo announcement and is completely unique.

6. Among some other unique engagement photo ideas is recreating the most famous scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere hands Julia Roberts a beautiful black jewelry box to open. The groom can wear a suit and the bride to be can sport a red dress like Roberts in the film. It’s completely unique and sets the tone for a retro engagement party or wedding.

7. If you both are adventurous, why not photograph the two of you holding hands as you leap from the plane on a sky diving excursion. Not only will you both do something wild that you have always wanted to do, but it will be one of the most unique engagement photo ideas ever!

8. Play with lighting. Many couples get their engagement portraits taken during the daytime, so consider posing outside, catching a beautiful, fall sunset!

9. If you both are very relaxed and playful, consider lying together in a soft, white hammock laughing and looking at each other. Lying down together is much more unique than sitting upright posing or informally walking or talking together.

10. Schedule engagement photographs to be taken during a carnival. You can both hold cotton candy or a bag of popcorn while you smile at each other and the lights, crowd, and Ferris wheel fill in the background of your unique photo.

If you consider some of these unique engagement photo ideas, you can guarantee an original and innovative engagement photograph!

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