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10 Funky Wedding Shoes Ideas For A One-Of-A-Kind Wedding!

By November 21, 2012No Comments

Funky Wedding ShoesIf you have a playful personality, you need to show it off on your wedding day by wearing a wedding dress that is one of a kind and funky wedding shoes that speak to you and your guests. Read on to learn about how you can purchase or design a pair of funky wedding shoes for your upcoming wedding!

1. Wear polka dot ballet flats. Black and white polka dots look playful but formal, and are also very trendy right now!

2. Design your own wedding shoes. Nothing will be more perfect than designing your wedding shoes from start to finish. Many websites allow you to customize everything-from the material, to the heel, color, style, and embellishments. Get funky!

3. Add some shoe clips wedding décor elements. Matching clips can be purchased for the entire bridal party including you to clip onto shoes. Or allow each bridesmaid to attach a clip that best reflects their style and personality.

4. Fun wedding shoes can still look formal. Try to shop for ivory heels that are embellished with statement pieces that will make any wedding shoe funky; like feathers, bows, or flower shaped crystals.

5. Purchase dyeable bridal shoes. If you have a signature color of just want to make a statement and the shoes on the market just aren’t doing it for you; you have the option to choose the perfect shocking shade for your big day.

6. Why not wear a wedge? Wedges are much underrated for weddings. Not only are they comfortable, they can come in a variety of colors, materials, and embellishments. They are ideal for bridesmaids to wear to weddings taking place outdoors so they will not have to worry about a thin heel getting stuck in the grass or sand!

7. A little lace goes a long way. If you are planning a vintage wedding, you can still wear a pair of funky wedding shoes. Purchase a pair of lacy booties. They will look completely cool worn under you wedding dress for fall and winter celebrations.

8. Choose an embellished heel. Crystal lined stilettoes are sure to get guests’ attention while remaining completely stylish and sparkly for your wedding!

9. Opt for studs. Rocker chic brides can let their love of spikes show by purchasing a pair of studded heels or adding studs to their shoe by using a hot glue gun.

10. Wearing colorful shoes under your wedding gown is completely trendy. Wearing colorful sequined shoes are completely funky. Look for shoes at unique boutiques online that sparkle from heel to toe!

Funky wedding shoes break up the uniformity of weddings and allow brides to express themselves, even on their wedding day! Give some of the ideas a thought for your upcoming wedding!

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