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Bridal Shower

10 Funny and Naughty Bridal Shower Games and Activities

By September 19, 2012September 25th, 2012No Comments

Bridal Shower Games and ActivitiesNothing can ever match up to the hustle and bustle of the bridal shower games and activities. What was once a simple event has now metamorphosed into a fun, sometimes naughty and frivolous affair. And this fun and naughty affair doesn’t just end with light bantering of the bride-to-be. It is more about enlivening the event by incorporating and playing funny and naughty games and activities. This article lets you have a peek into the fun of a bridal shower. Here are our 10 funny and naughty bridal shower games and activities that are designed not to embarrass the bride but rather help her ease into her new life as a wife:

1. Karaoke: just because this was your engagement party games and activities favorite, does not mean you can`t do a repeat at your girly shower! Karaoke guarantees a few funny “performances” every time! Rent a karaoke machine and coax each and every guest to sing their favorite romantic songs. This is a chance for the bride to recognize some good talents and well, “not-so-good” talents. As an alternative to renting, there are online karaoke websites that only require you to connect a microphone (you may need an amplifier for louder sound).

2. Among the bridal shower games and activities that are enjoyed by all are bridal shower charades. To play this game you first need to type and print a bunch of wedding-related words that can include anything from love pop songs and wedding movie names to wedding themed activities. Funny and naughty words and expressions are always welcome! Cut each item, fold them and put them in a jar. Invite each and every guest to come forward and pick a folded paper. After that, they have to enact whatever is written in the folded paper without uttering a word.

3. Toilet paper wedding dress and veil: in this one of the most creative fun activities you have to make two teams. Each team will be given several rolls of toilet paper, scissors and tape. Each team has to create a unique wedding dress and a bridal veil. The bride will give away a prize to the team whose dress and veil she likes best.

4. Jumbled words: A part of funny bridal shower games and activities is the jumbled words game. Choose a bunch of bridal themed words like wedding veil, centerpieces, unity candles etc. Jumble or scramble them. Call out each and every guest and ask them to unscramble the words and set a time limit. The guest who unscrambles most of the words wins.

5. Memory game: This is another one of the frequently played bridal shower games and activities. As the bridesmaid you have to ask the bride to put a few items on a tray and walk around the guests for a few moments and then walk out of the room. Watch the guests try really hard to memorize the items that were put on the tray. This is where the funny part begins. Throw off balance questions at the guests like what color shoes was the bride wearing etc, instead of anything related to the items on the tray.

6. Bridal bingo: Undeniably one of the most popular among bridal shower games and activities is the bridal bingo. Create your own bridal bingo card with the templates that are available online or you can buy them at your nearest bridal store. Now instead of writing numbers on them write down items on the grids which are related to the wedding; and try including more funny and naughty expressions. Call out each item as the normal bingo. The first to strike off the first five items wins a prize.

7. Trivia game: Naughty bridal shower trivia questions have become a must-play activity at every bridal shower. The groom, before the day of bridal shower is asked a certain set of questions about the bride (try to keep them funny or naughty or both). This is usually recorded by the best man and preserved for the day of bridal shower. On the day of the bridal shower, the bride is asked the same set of questions. The answers given by the bride are then compared by that of the groom.

8. How to Play: The staple of any bridal shower, it is played between two or more teams. Take several slips of paper and write down wedding related terms or sayings. Each member of each team has to come alternatively and pick up a slip of paper. The member then has to draw the term or saying on an easel. If the member’s team guesses it right they get to win a point or a prize. If they fail to guess the turn goes to the other team.

9. Two truths and a lie: Another one of the popular game bridal shower games and activities. During this game each guest has to tell three encounters they experienced with either the bride or the groom. The remaining guests have to figure of which of the three encounters is a lie.

10. “That’s what she said”: This is usually one of the last bridal shower games to be played at the end of the party. Have someone record all the exclamations the bride shouts out when opening her presents, on a piece of paper. Then, at the end of the event, have that person read them out loud and watch how the sweetest most innocent expressions like “I didn’t think it would be so big!” suddenly give off funny and naughty flavor…

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