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Bachelor Party

10 Funny Bachelor Party Gift Ideas For The Groom

By September 12, 2012No Comments

Bachelor Party Gift IdeasA bachelor party is definitely a fun event that is not only enjoyed by the groom but also the groom’s male friends. But in order to make it successful and a memorable event it is up to the best man to make sure the event has all it takes; ambience and especially bachelor party gift ideas. Although there many be gift ideas like bar accessories, cigar accessories, cufflinks etc. that can be given to the groom on the eve of the bachelor party, the best man as well as the groom’s male friends should think out of the box while planning a bachelor party and maybe even think of funny bachelor party gift ideas.

However, while most groom’s guy friends would probably love the idea of a naughty bachelor party, you should consider the mentality of the groom and consequently think about clean bachelor party ideas as to not to offend the groom. After all it is his party, right? So, what gift should one buy that matches with his personality and yet sound and looks funny? Here are our 10 great funny bachelor party gift ideas that you can buy in any stores or order online:

1. Inflatable doll: It is the most common funny gift that has been around for a long time and has still managed to produce a laugh out of the groom.

2. Golf gag gifts: If the groom is golf geek, then this is sure to make an impression. This gift has golf balls which creates a minor explosion and vanishes into thin air or phantom golf ball that simply vanishes on impact or “pop-a-putt” that pops out even the most perfect strike.

3. Ball and chain: Make the groom walk around with the ball and chain around his ankle!

4. T-shirts: These come with different sayings like “seven words to happy marriage” or “she’s the boss, I just work here” etc.

5. Marriage survival kit: This kit not only has many funny items like some pills of aspirin, a pair of earplugs, an ever ready “sorry” card, a reminder book that will remind him to remember his wife’s birthday, his anniversary, Valentine’s Day, his mother-in-law’s birthday and so on.

6. Tool kit: A kit which contains household item like a spatula, a toilet brush, a feather duster, laundry detergent sachet etc.

7. “Groom/doomed” mug. Ah…funny mugs never get old for boys!

8. Shot glasses that say “my last night out”.

9. Animated stickers: These funny stickers have silly faces with sneaky eyes, pouty mouths. All you need to do is peel the sticker and stick it on a coffee mug or any other item.

10. Fake lottery ticket: one of the most evil yet funny prank bachelor party gift ideas. After patiently observing the groom scratch the ticket to reveal the winning large amount of cash, give the groom a few minutes to jump around in excitement, until…the groom turns the ticket over to find out the rules of claiming his prize only to read “To claim your prize, go to your fiance’s house” or “Go to North Pole and find Santa Clause”.

There! Now that you learned about funny bachelor party gift ideas, you should also remember to buy bachelor party favors. If you are also having a stag and doe event, read our other articles for fun planning ideas.

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