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Bachelorette Party

10 Funny Bachelorette T-Shirt Ideas and Sayings

By September 27, 2012No Comments

Bachelorette T-Shirt IdeasGood thing that you having a bachelorette party and not only a more traditional bridal shower that is just so passé. This means that you have to work up your grey cells to come up with bachelorette t shirt ideas for your bachelorette party. Though you can buy standard T-shirts off the rack anywhere, kick in some ideas to make it a fun event.

Don’t limit yourself to just wearing funny T-shirts, make sure you have loads of funny playing games and sharing wicked bachelorette party stories too. Who knows that these bachelorette t shirt ideas may help one to be creative in relating party stories and experiences?

One style of a party is to have a wild bachelorette party. Bar hopping, going to all male strippers club etc. are some of the ideas that are popular nowadays for more outgoing gals. But if the bridesmaids or the Maid of Honor feel that their friend i.e. the bride is way more “classy” or “classic” in her approach to bridal fun, it might be best to come up with less risque ideas. Such fun yet less wild ideas include going to a casino and gamble on poker or roulette, a scavenger hunt, or a disco bar where they can dance away the night etc.

Either way, cute and funny bachelorette party shirt ideas are rarely offensive so get creative! While standard ideas include personalized t shirts with the bride’s name or a funny name for the bride’s team/gang, why not go a step further and consider more unique bachelorette t shirt ideas that are doing rounds in the world of weddings and bridal bachelor parties.

So ladies, ditch the normal and standardized sayings and go for one of these 10 funny bachelorette t shirt ideas and sayings to make your last day as a single girl fun and memorable:

1. Buy me a shot. I’m tying the knot!
2. Final Fling before the Ring
3. One last ride for the Bride
4. Bridezilla
5. I got one
6. I have a Bachelorette Degree in thyping
7. This Party’s Gone Bridal
8. I’m not Married Yet
9. Soon to be Mrs.
10. Create a “last night out checklist” for a shirt

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